Incredible Self-Sustaining Ecosphere


The self-sustaining EcoSphere in its full glory.

Here’s another fun item we couldn’t help but show to our readers!

The EcoSphere closed aquatic ecosystem is a wonder of nature and science. Based on NASA research, it requires very little maintenance and has everything needed inside for living organisms to thrive.

To create this self-balancing world enclosed in a glass ball, EcoSphere – the maker of this super-interesting aquarium – had to ensure a precise balance of nutrients inside.

The aquarium’s delicate ecosystem contains 5 components – shrimp, algae, gorgonia, decorative shells, and lightweight gravel. Shrimps were chosen for the ecosystem because they are not aggressive and can live peacefully within the enclosed space of the sphere.

Here’s how the aquarium works, according to EcoSphere’s manual:

  1. The aquarium comes preloaded with green algae – these algae serve as food for the shrimp inside and produce oxygen for them to breathe.
  2. The shrimp feed on the algae and produce waste as a result. Not only that, but the shrimp breathe the oxygen produced by the algae and give off carbon dioxide as a waste product.
  3. Bacteria break down the shrimp’s waste into nutrients. The algae feed on these nutrients, as well as consume carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

An important thing to note – the balance of the entire ecosystem depends on natural sunlight and temperature. The EcoSphere is designed to be kept at a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should receive at least 6 to 8 hours of light every day. But the sunlight shouldn’t be direct since the sphere will overheat.

Balancing light is key to maintaining the EcoSphere. If you give too much light, the algae will grow rapidly, possibly breaking the inner equilibrium. And without adequate amounts of light, the sphere’s ecosystem will not receive enough nutrients to thrive.

According to the manufacturer, the average life of the EcoSphere is 2-3 years, though some of the oldest EcoSpheres out there have reached a whopping 15 years. With care, you also should be able to easily break the 2-3-year mark.

If you are an experienced fish owner, then the EcoSphere could be a fun little project to try out. The EcoSphere looks gorgeous as well, so it can serve as a fine decoration for your interior.

The sphere aquarium is quite expensive though, so you may want to buy it when it’s discounted. If you are a Prime member, then you might get access to exclusive deals on this thing too.


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