Save Big On Breakfast With IHOP’s Senior Discount!


Is there an IHOP Senior Discount?


Who doesn’t love pancakes?

IHOP, the International House Of Pancakes, is one of the top places to go for delicious food, and if you have been there before you will know just how many amazing meals they have on offer.

And, if you are looking to try to save money on your next dining experience, you will want to look out specifically for any senior discounts that IHOP offers.

Here’s what you need to know: If you are at least aged 55 when you visit, you can enjoy a special IHOP senior discount menu, including six breakfast options with discounted prices.

This is in place of the regular menu, the items on which you can’t get a senior discount normally.

There is also a sampler menu for anyone over the age of 55, including a piece of ham, hash browns, one sausage, one pancake, bacon and egg. These deals are at reduced prices and they are available all day, every day – although with some local restrictions in place, you will always need to check at your local IHOP for specific details before you go.

With all those discounted special meals, it’s good to know that seniors can go to IHOP any day of the week and get money off some of the amazing food on the menu, as long as you stick to the specific 55+ menu that they offer.

Whatever you might be in the mood for next time, you will be sure to save on it!



Interesting Facts:

-According to Wikipedia, there are over 1800 IHOP locations worldwide, including far-flung locales like Guatemala, Kuwait, and Dubai!

-The very first IHOP was in Toluca Lake, California, and was started in 1958.

-All IHOP locations are open from 7 am to 10 pm, and many are open 24 hours a day! [Source]

-In 2018, IHOP attempted a viral marketing stunt to promote it’s new hamburgers by stating that it had changed its name to “IHOB” or “International House Of Burgers”. Many social media users didn’t realize this was a joke, however, expressed horror at the change! (Note: IHOP announced the next day that it had just been a ruse, and is still in fact called IHOP 🙂 )

-IHOP has it’s very own YouTube channel (see video below).



We hope you find this article helpful! Enjoy your pancakes (and your savings!).


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