Want To Buy The World’s Largest Candy Bar? [Here’s How!]


A person holding the Toblerone Jumbo chocolate bar.

Looking to satisfy your immense thirst for sweets and candy? Here’s another fun item we couldn’t help but include!

The Toblerone Jumbo can provide you with months-worth of supply of Swiss chocolate! If you are ready to splurge about 135 bucks on a chocolate bar, the Toblerone Jumbo might be your cup of tea.

The Jumbo chocolate bar weighs 4.5 kilograms and is a whopping 80 centimeters long. If you don’t speak metric, then this would be about 9.92 pounds and 31.5 inches respectively.

If you won’t be consuming this entire bar of sweetness in a day – which would certainly be a nightmare for your body – then you ought to make sure that your refrigerator is going to even fit it!

Even if you don’t see any use for such a huge chunk of chocolate, know that Toblerone Jumbo makes for a wonderful and certainly unique gift.

There’s no specific discount on it for seniors, but if you’re looking for a way to save, you should consider adding a debit card to your Amazon wallet for a discount. To add a debit card, click the prompt under the Jumbo’s price. As of this post’s writing, Amazon offered $25 off for doing so, but the discount may change over time.

Additionally, you may sign up for Amazon Prime for exclusive discounts and deals that may encompass the Jumbo too.


Is The Toblerone Jumbo Actually The World’s Largest Candy Bar?

As impressive as it is, the Toblerone Jumbo isn’t even close to being the actual largest candy bar in the world. But to be fair, to our knowledge, the Jumbo is indeed the largest chocolate bar you can buy right now.

As for the largest candy in the world, it seems to have been made in 2010 in Armenia by the local Grand Candy Company. Weighing 4,410 kilograms (about 9,702 pounds), the Grand Candy chocolate bar lives up to the name of its maker.

Certainly not something the average person would be able to have delivered and stored, this dramatic composition made it into the Guinness Book as the biggest chocolate bar in the world.

Another impressive feat is the 4,700-pound Snickers bar made at the Mars Wrigley plant in Waco, Texas, in early 2020. Although by no means the largest candy in the world, this bar is still remarkable and is equivalent to 43,000 standard-size snickers bars!

But unless you are an employee, you won’t be getting a taste of the Snickers bar, unfortunately.

At the moment of its making, the 4,700-pound Snickers bar was the largest chocolate nut bar in the world. This was only for two weeks, however – very soon, Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania, came up with an even bigger candy bar weighing 5,943 pounds and measuring 9 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, and 2 feet high!



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