Fry’s Senior Day + Senior Discount (Everything To Know)


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Searching for a new store to buy groceries from? Fry’s Food may be your next stop – not only do they offer a huge range of grocery items, but they also have a bunch of programs to help you save! Find out more below!

When Is Fry’s Senior Day?

Fry’s offers 10% off for seniors aged 55+ on the first Wednesday of every month, according to AARP. As we usually recommend though, you should check ahead with your nearest Fry’s to ensure that the discount is still offered.

Is There A Fry’s Senior Discount?

Only the Senior Day on the first Wednesday of the month mentioned above. We did not find any additional, separate senior discounts in our research.

Other Ways To Save With Fry’s Stores

Fry's sells a range of grocery products.

One of the best things about Fry’s is that the chain has a very wide array of ways for saving. We’ll have a look at some of them below – check out all saving options at the Fry’s website.

Digital coupons

Digital coupons can be added to your account via Fry’s website and used at checkout. Fry’s offers hundreds and hundreds of digital coupons, so you will surely find something interesting for your own needs. Check out Fry’s coupon info page for more details on how to use digital coupons.

Weekly deals

Have a look at Fry’s weekly ads – you may find some more details on current deals. Weekly ads are updated at Midnight ET on Wednesdays. The savings are automatically applied at checkout, so you don’t need to do anything.

Cash Back

With the Cash Back program, you get a certain amount of cash back with eligible purchases. Check out the Cash Back web page to find out which items qualify for the program. You may use the reward cash for your future purchases or cash it out to your PayPal account.

Fuel Points program

With the Fuel Points program, you get Fuel Points as you purchase products at Fry’s. The number of points rewarded to you depends on what you buy – for example, you get 1 Fuel Point for each dollar spent on groceries, while Gift Card purchases get you 2 Points per dollar.

Every 100 Fuel Points earn you 10 cents off per gallon of fuel at participating fuel centers. You may redeem up to $1 off per gallon.


Did you know that Kroger is Fry’s parent company? In 2021, Kroger envisioned that mushrooms and eco-friendly products would soon be all the rage due to their benefits for health.

Fry's sells healthy foods such as vegetables too.


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