Is There A Friendly’s Senior Discount? (+ Other Ways To Save!)


Is there a Friendly's senior discount?
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Is There A Friendly’s Senior Discount?

Friendly’s doesn’t appear to have an official senior discount program, unfortunately. Some locations reportedly offer 10% off for seniors and/or free coffee, but you’ll have to check with your nearest Friendly’s for more info.

Many Friendly’s restaurants are franchised – meaning that they are operated by third parties rather than Friendly’s itself – so prices and deals may vary noticeably from location to location.

Friendly’s BFF Email Club Perks

In case your Friendly’s doesn’t have anything special to offer to seniors, you should check out the BFF Email Club. Members of the club get access to the following benefits:

  • Email newsletters about new products and promotions.
  • Weekly coupons.
  • Free medium sundae on their birthday.
  • 25% off on the next visit after signing up.

Perks of the BFF Email Club.

Aside from that, you should check out Friendly’s specials. You can access the specials by clicking the “Specials” button in the menu bar at the very top of the chain’s website. Here, you’ll find limited-time items and promotions.

The menu bar on the Friendly's website.

Friendly's may not have a senior discount, but it does have special deals.

You could also check out the kid’s menu with smaller meals and free sundae. The kid’s menu is a good way to save money if you don’t need to each much to feel full.

All in all, the variety of Friendly’s promotions isn’t the greatest – restaurant chains like Subway or Taco Bell have way more interesting offers. But if you’re willing to become a member of the Email Club, you should be able to save a sizable chunk of money with Friendly’s as well!


Interesting facts about Friendly’s:


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