Never Lose Your Pet, Car, Or Purse – With XY Find It!


A key chain with XY Find It attached.

Small items like keys or wallets are easy to lose or forget.

This happens to all of us, unfortunately.

Even worse is having a pet go missing – or even a car or truck for that matter!

Thankfully, a brilliant new invention called XY Find It is here to help!

Just slap this thing onto your precious items, into your pet’s collar, or inside your vehicle, and you will never have to worry about losing them again!


What Is XY Find It And How Does It Work?


XY Find It is essentially a small tracker that you clip onto the items that you want to keep an eye on.

You may even hang the tracker from your pet’s collar to never lose his location –extremely useful when you realize that 10 million pets are lost each year in the U.S. alone![1]

If you love your pets as much as we do, you know what a horrible prospect this is to contemplate…

Now, you could always get an expensive ‘pet tracking device’ or ‘implant’ instead, but these often come with expensive recurring payments, whereas XY Find It is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees!

XY Find It relies on Bluetooth to help you localize items, and it works all on its own within 300 feet. And interestingly, it can use data from other XY Find Its to locate your things at further distances. This is called a “Crowdsourced Network” or “Distributed Ledger”, and is similar to the technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.[2]

A person holding XY Find It in front of their pet.

XY Find It is able to leverage a network of millions of other XY Find It devices around the world to help you find lost items wherever they are. If just one of those millions of XY Find Its comes within 300 feet of your tracker, the XY Find It app on your mobile phone will notify you immediately.

The battery life of XY Find It is advertised at 5 years as well, which should be more than enough.

With that said, you’re pretty unlikely to forget your items somewhere remote – XY Find It sounds a really loud alarm if you walk away too far from it. You may also activate the alarm yourself via the mobile app when looking for your lost stuff.

XY Find It allows you to find your lost smartphone as well – you just need to press the small button on the tracker. This will sound an alarm on your smartphone, helping you pinpoint its location.


Buy XY Find It Right Now And Save!

XY Find It can accurately pinpoint the location of lost items.

If you buy XY Find It right now, you’ll get access to a few beefy discounts. Savings get higher if you buy several XY Find It trackers:

  • If you buy 3 trackers, one of them will be 50% off.
  • If you buy 6 trackers, you’ll pay only for 4.
  • If you buy 10 trackers, you’ll pay only for 6.

Each XY Find It also is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty!

Click the green button below to claim your XY Find It discount now!

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[1] – 10 Million Pets Lost Per Year –
[2] – Definition of ‘Distributed Ledger’:


PS You an also consider getting the KeySmart key organizer to keep your keys and other pocket items neat and safe!

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