World’s Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle? [Get It Now And Save!]


The package of the Pure White Hell jigsaw puzzle.

Have you ever wondered what the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle is? Well, we may have a winner here!

The Pure White Hell puzzle sold on Amazon by Beverly should come pretty close to driving you mad with its difficulty.

This jigsaw puzzle that has seemingly come to us straight from Japan includes only white pieces. There are a whopping 1,000 pieces in this puzzle, and they’re all made mockingly small – just 1 centimeter (about 0.39 inches) in height!

Now, you might be thinking – what’s the challenge of this puzzle? You could just get the edges sorted out and then start filling the inside, right? What could be easier?

Well, the pieces in this puzzle actually aren’t quite identical – there are very small differences between them, so you won’t be able to perfectly lock random two pieces from the set. Each piece has its own correct place in the entire composition.

So although the white color seems to make matters easier, it actually turns this jigsaw puzzle into an exceptionally time-consuming ordeal. When the pieces are colored, you can at least roughly figure out where they belong!

With that said, there are four different patterns on the back of the pieces to somewhat help you have progress with this seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Some people may consider the guide patterns cheating, but without them, not many people will have the patience to completely assemble this piece of nightmare.

Speaking of assembling, Pure White Hell will probably take months for you to complete, but you’ll likely run out of patience before that happens!

With that, the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle is great if you want to add some spice to your life. Not only that, but it makes for an excellent gift if you want to annoy someone.

If this jigsaw puzzle didn’t quite impress you, then Amazon has hundreds of others for you to choose from. Though we think that the insidious white color makes the Beverly jigsaw puzzle the absolute worst.


What About Discounts?

This post might not technically be a “senior discount”, but we were so impressed by the puzzle we couldn’t help but include it! And… while Amazon doesn’t offer discounts for seniors specifically, there are ways for you to save money on products like this jigsaw puzzle.

Most importantly, you could keep an eye on the puzzle’s price and grab it whenever you see a decent discount. There was a discount on the puzzle as of this post’s writing, but it may be over any time!

Besides, to save on shipping, you could purchase an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime also is a great thing to have if you frequently shop from Amazon – it provides you with access to exclusive discounts, free & fast shipping, movies & music, and more!

Although quite hard, Pure White Hell isn’t the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world. According to Wikipedia, the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world is the Travel by Art puzzle from Grafika. This puzzle contains a whopping 54,000 pieces!


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