Is There A WinCo Senior Discount? [+ Best Deals At WinCo]


Is there a Winco senior discount?
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Is There A WinCo Senior Discount?

No, WinCo didn’t offer senior discounts at the moment of this guide’s writing. You should still ask your nearest WinCo directly – discount policies may vary from location to location. But you’re unlikely to find anything.

There Are Other Ways To Save At WinCo!

Don’t fret just yet – WinCo has many other ways to save! Below are some of the best WinCo deals and discounts – be sure to make use of them!

Digital coupons

Once you sign up for WinCo, you may view available digital coupons on the coupon web page. Browse digital coupons, select a few of them to add to your account, and then redeem the coupons at checkout. Visit the WinCo coupon guide to find out exactly how to use digital coupons.

Weekly specials

WinCo stores host special events with deals on a wide array of items – you may check live promotions on this web page. These deals typically rotate weekly, so make sure to check back in a few days if you don’t find anything interesting now.

Regular deals and discounts

WinCo offers price discounts for some products from time to time – when in store, you can identify discounted items by the green price tag.

Bulk items

Purchasing bulk items is another way to save. If you are looking to stock up on something, visit the bulk foods section in your local store.


Interesting facts about WinCo:

  • As of January 20, 2021, WinCo had 129 locations across 10 states and territories. California is the state with the highest number of locations (37). The vast majority of WinCo locations are in the westernmost areas of the US, and there are no stores on the East Coast.
  • WinCo is a customer favorite for a number of reasons – bulk items with no extra charges for packaging, low prices, and friendly and happy employees thanks to health insurance and pensions.
  • WinCo has been called “Walmart’s worst nightmare”, partly due to its low prices. The low prices at WinCo are possible because WinCo doesn’t bag groceries, doesn’t accept credit cards (eliminating associated fees), and buys goods directly from farms and factories.
  • As of January 21, 2021, WinCo Foods was the 53rd largest privately-owned company in the US, with revenue of $7.7 billion.
  • WinCo is employee-owned, meaning that employees own shares of the company.


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