Does Waffle House Have A Senior Discount?


A traffic sign of a Waffle House location.

Does Waffle House have a senior discount? Or maybe special delivery terms for senior citizens?

Well, Waffle House doesn’t have an official nationwide senior discount policy. However, many locations do have 10% discounts for visitors aged 55 or more on Mondays.

Waffle House senior citizen discounts may vary from location to location, so call your nearest Waffle House to find out more. And keep in mind that even if a local Waffle House has deals for seniors, they may not give you any discounts unless you ask for one directly!

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Interesting facts about Waffle House:

  • Waffle House has developed into a cultural icon, especially in the US South. The fame of Waffle House is partly thanks to its heavy presence along southern Interstate highways.
  • Before co-founding Reddit, internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian had wanted to become a lawyer. However, Ohanian realized at a Waffle House location that law wasn’t his cup of tea and that he needed to come up with something else. This realization led him to co-found the social news website Reddit.
  • Before adding new snacks to the Waffle House menu, Waffle House tests dishes via the Test Kitchen. Waffle House introduces new items at a limited number of test locations and then gathers feedback from visitors to decide whether or not to bring their ideas to life.
  • Since 1955, Waffle House has served over 2.5 million eggs, nearly 1.7 million bacon strips, and nearly 1.3 million cups of coffee. Not only that, but Waffle House serves 341 bacon strips, 145 waffles, 127 cups of coffee, and 33 hamburgers per minute.


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