Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today!


Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 1


Already retired or looking to retire before 2030? Good for you!

Everyone who has worked hard and sacrificed deserves to enjoy their glory years… And the more cash in your pocket the more glorious they’ll be!

As a result, we here at SeniorDiscountHub have put together this short list of 6 Key Moves To Make to maximize your money in retirement!


1. Lock In Your Most Precious Asset (Your Health) With Private Medical Insurance!

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 2

With strain on the NHS increasing all the time, a growing number of UK residents are getting Private Medical Insurance (P.M.I.).

Many feel that Private Medical Insurance has significant benefits, including:

-Prompt care;
-Friendly service;
-Greater freedom of choice;
-Custom-tailored plans;
-Shorter wait times and easier scheduling;
-Private rooms;
-And numerous other benefits!

To help people access Private Medical Insurance, a new service called Health Window has sprung up, with the goal of helping UK residents find high-quality plans at the most affordable rates possible!

If you’re interested to find out what you qualify for, then click the button below to visit their website and get started immediately!

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2. Eliminate Credit Card Debt!

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 3

Let’s face it – high-interest credit card debt can take a HUGE chunk out of your savings, and no one wants all their hard work to go to making credit companies richer…

In fact, statistics indicate that UK households are struggling with debt burdens more than ever before.[1]

But luckily there are increasingly powerful solutions for debt relief.

These include debt consolidation and other mechanisms, and if you haven’t researched the issue in awhile, you may be seriously surprised with the number of debt relief options that now exist!

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3. Claim Your £20,000 Life Cover For As Little As £0.26 A Day With No Health Check!

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 4

If you’re a UK resident age 50-80 then this program is one you will want to see!

It allows you to claim up to £20,000 of life cover for as little as £0.26 per day.*

And best of all, it’s a quick and easy approval – with no health questions!*

This is a great way to leave something to your loved-ones without breaking the bank, and the whole process can be accomplished in just minutes!

To get started, just click the button below to visit the Quotesolver website to claim your cover today!

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4. Access Up To Six Figures Or More Of Cash Via Equity Release

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 5

An ‘Equity Release’ allows homeowners age 60+ to access tax-free cash via the equity they’ve built up in their home, without having to sell it or rent it out.

You can use this cash for whatever you want:

-Living expenses;
-Retirement investing;
-Home renovations;
-Gifts to family members;
-Even the dream vacation you’ve always wanted!

In past decades Equity Releases weren’t always the best option for seniors, but today, things have changed dramatically. The industry is highly regulated, competition between Equity Release providers is fierce (which is great for homeowners!), and interest rates are at record lows. As a result, seniors are getting Equity Releases at shockingly good terms, and accessing far more cash than they ever expected!

If you’re over age 60 and own your own home, then click the button below to see our #1 recommended Equity Release provider, and find out how much cash you may be eligible to receive!

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5. Unsold Vehicles Prices May Leave You In Surprise!

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 6

We all know 2020 was not good for many sectors of the economy[2]… but this can also mean huge opportunities for savvy buyers…

If you’ve ever seen massive numbers of vehicles piling up in a car lot, you know how weird it can look.

But did you ever think about what that means for smart customers looking to buy a car? Huge potential deals!

Many folks would love to take advantage of such opportunities, but the most important things is to dive in and fully do your research. The results might seriously shock you!

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6. Give The Gift Of A Funeral Plan And Protect Your Loved-Ones Against Skyrocketing Funeral Costs

Over Age 55 In The UK? Make These 6 Moves Today! 7

Funeral plans used to be rare- however- the cost of funerals has risen so exorbitantly over the last two decades that today, smart seniors across the UK are taking advantage of them, in order to make sure their loved ones are protected from the financial burden of a passing.

A funeral plan can save you significant money, and most of all provide you peace of mind.

With that being the case, its no wonder that so many seniors are utilizing revolutionary new online resources like this website to find the best and most affordable funeral plans available from the UK’s top providers!

Click the button below to see how much you can save!

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We hope you found this article useful!

Happy saving!

And don’t forget to take advantage of these awesome opportunities:

Private Medical Insurance At Shockingly Low Rates!

Claim £20,000 Life Cover With No Medical Check!

Access Cash For Retirement With A High-Quality Equity Release

Protect Your Loved-Ones From Exorbitant Funeral Costs With A Top-Notch Funeral Plan



[1] UK debt statistics, https://www.stepchange.org/media-centre/press-releases/debt-statistics-2019.aspx
[2] UK economic contraction, https://www.statista.com/statistics/970941/quarterly-gdp-growth-uk/
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*Example given is for the equivalent of £3,025 cover for a 55 year old on an Increasing Premium Plan with a 12 month Accidental Death Period. Premiums are dependent on age and cover. ** Acceptance is guaranteed for UK resident aged between 40 and 80.

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