Is There A Trader Joe’s Senior Discount?


There is no Trader Joe's senior discount, but seniors have other ways to save at TJ.
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Is There A Trader Joe’s Senior Discount?

Trader Joe’s does not appear to have senior discounts, unfortunately. You should ask at your local Trader Joe’s however, as promotions and prices may vary by location.

Tips For Savings With Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s doesn’t share much info about their promotions online. In fact, Jeanette Pavini – household savings expert for – says Trader Joe’s doesn’t have sales or coupons. This is in contrast to most other supermarket chains in the country.

Apparently, Trader Joe’s doesn’t slash prices for promotions because they are already really low. This is because the chain buys products directly from suppliers whenever possible, so there is no middleman markup.

However, you can still save with the chain if you make smart shopping decisions. Here’s how:

  • Coupons. Most products you’ll find at Trader Joe’s are sold under the TJ in-house brand. You probably won’t find coupons for these items, but you can use coupons for non-Trader Joe’s products, writes Business Insider with a reference to All Natural Savings.
  • Bring your own bag. According to The Kitchn, customers who bring their own bags and spend $25 at TJ get the chance to win a $25 gift card.
  • Buy bananas, specialty cheeses, wine, and frozen foods at Trader Joe’s. Real Simple writes that you can save plenty of money by shopping for these products at Trader Joe’s. This is thanks to the low prices compared to other grocery store chains. For example, bananas at Trader Joe’s typically go for 19 cents a pop – like in the 1970s.
  • Minimize purchases of prepackaged produce. Jess Dang of Cook Smarts told Business Insider that prepackaged produce gives the buyer less freedom in terms of, ‘I only want two tomatoes, and it’s already packaged in a package of six.'” Besides, prepackaged produce may not be as fresh. Real Simple adds that with packaged produce, you are also paying for the cost of processing and packaging.
  • Try before you buy. Trader Joe’s allows you to try products before buying – even if it’s something that’s not being sampled, The Kitchn writes. This will enable you to buy only items that you like.
  • Make use of Trader Joe’s return policy. Trader Joe’s has an extremely lenient return policy – they’ll issue you a refund with no questions asked upon request. So if you’ve gotten rotten cheese or don’t like the flavor of Trader Joe’s avocados, you can bring them back for a refund.

For more savings tips at TJ, watch this video:

All in all, Trader Joe’s can’t boast eye-popping promotions, but the low pricing makes it an excellent place for shopping. Customer service is great at Trader Joe’s as well – in the 2020-2021 ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) Retail and Consumer Shipping Report, the chain ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in the supermarket industry.


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