Is There A TJ Maxx Senior Discount?


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Is There A TJ Maxx Senior Discount Program?

TJ Maxx doesn’t have an *official* senior discount program – however, some stores do offer discounted prices to elderly visitors. Anecdotal info suggests that  TJ Maxx locations in Florida knock down prices for seniors by 10%. The deal is available to visitors aged 55 or more.

Whether you are in Florida or not, call your nearest TJ Maxx and inquire about senior promotions. Even though TJ Maxx has no nationwide senior discount policies, some stores may be willing to give you access to more pocket-friendly prices.

TJ Maxx prices are typically lower than with competitors, but if seniors can save 10% extra, why not take the chance?

How Else Can You Save With TJ Maxx?

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There are many other ways for seniors to save with TJ Maxx – some of them are listed below.

Clearance deals

Perhaps the greatest way of saving money with TJ Maxx is clearance deals. If you didn’t know, a clearance is a type of sale where the store offers considerably reduced prices in order to quickly sell certain items. This is done when items are going out of season, or when the store is looking to free up storage space for new goods.

TJX Rewards credit card

Check out the TJX Rewards credit card as well. Holders of the credit card get access to the following perks:

  • 10% off on the first purchase after signing up.
  • 5% back in Rewards for qualifying purchases.
  • Invites to exclusive shopping events.


TJ Maxx generally doesn’t offer coupons, but you can find coupon codes on third-party websites (like Forbes). These coupons may only be valid within a short time frame, but you should still try to grab them while they are available. But do note that some websites require that you give your email in exchange for coupons – not everybody will like this.

Free shipping promo code

To be able to get free shipping, use the promo code SHIP89 at checkout when your order value is $89+. Given that shipping fees with TJ Maxx start from $8.99, free shipping is a very nice perk to have. Do bear in mind though that the offer is only good for standard shipping, not Express or Expedited.


Interesting facts about TJ Maxx:

  • TJ Maxx is an off-price retailer – that is, the company benefits from the over-production of clothing items. TJ Maxx buys excess products from manufacturers at a lower price, which is how TJ Maxx generally has lower prices than many other similar stores.
  • As of 2020, there were 1,273 TJ Maxx stores around the world.
  • Any TJ Maxx items that aren’t sold at clearance at the end of the season go to charity.


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