Does Texas Roadhouse Have A Senior Discount?


A Texas Roadhouse location in Michigan.
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Does Texas Roadhouse Offer A Senior Discount?

If you want to save a few cents on Texas Roadhouse’s delectable steaks, we’ll have to disappoint you – Texas Roadhouse doesn’t have senior discount policies. You should still inquire about discounts at your local Texas Roadhouse restaurant just in case, but they likely won’t have anything for you. Fortunately though there are other ways to save with this beloved restaurant chain!

Texas Roadhouse Veterans Discount

It appears that Texas Roadhouse DOES offer discounts for veterans!

Apparently, active duty or retired military members can get 10% off! [Note: This information comes from a third-party source not connected with Texas Roadhouse, so take it with a grain of salt. Call your nearby Texas Roadhouse beforehand for definitive details.]

According to, Texas Roadhouse also gives dinner vouchers to veterans on Veteran’s Day, November 11. Deals of this kind happen once a year, but you should still know about them.

Other Ways To Save

Other than this, also consider joining Texas Roadhouse’s VIP Club. VIP Club members get access to coupons, gifts, and exclusive deals!


Interesting facts about Texas Roadhouse:

  • Although Texas Roadhouse’s name creates strong associations with a particular state (guess which one?), Texas Roadhouse is present in 49 US states and territories.
  • With 64 restaurants, Texas is the leading state by the number of Texas Roadhouse locations. Florida and Ohio follow next with just 40 and 33 locations respectively.
  • Despite what the brand name suggests, Texas Roadhouse actually started in Indiana, while the headquarters are located in Kentucky.


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