What Is The ‘Tasty Travel’ YouTube Channel?


Courtesy of Tasty Travel Facebook Profile.

Lots of countries offer a variety of tasty foods whether it may be a main courses, desserts, and even street foods. One of those countries is South Korea. They are especially well-known for their unique, clean, and tasty street foods.

There are channels that showcases foods from different countries, one of those is the Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행, they provides amazing video of foods from around the world, especially South Korea.

We think that they are a great source for seniors who want to travel and try different foods around the world, so we will be profiling them in this article!


What Is The ‘Tasty Travel’ YouTube Channel?

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Courtesy of Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 YouTube Channel.

The Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 YouTube Channel is based in South Korea. They provide amazing videos of travel information and local food from around the world.

According to their Facebook Profile,

I like to introduce various foods and fun travel information.

Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 was launched in November 22, 2018, and as of the time of this writing has accumulated 673K subscribers and 304,255,217 total views.


Most Popular Videos

youtube playlist
Courtesy of Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 YouTube Channel.

The Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 YouTube Channel mostly provides videos of local food of South Korea. Some of the recipes and local foods in the channel are takoyaki, crepe. korean best toast, garlic bread, dumplings, tteokbokki, bulgogi, and many more.

As of right now, the five most popular videos on the channel are:

Career 43 years, donut master, Amazing skill of Making twisted doughnuts, Korean street food” with  24,242,298 views.

Master of Tuna Cutting Skills, 200KG Giant Bluefin Tuna Cutting. Sashimi, Korean fish market” with 10,815,950 views.

Amazing King Takokayki, Giant Takoyaki, たこ焼き, octopus bread, Korean street food” with 8,650,949 views.

2019 Best Street Food, Amazing crepes Skills, Grandpa crepes master, Korean street food” with 8,409,247 views.

Korean Best toast, Isaac toast, Ham Cheese, rib, Bulgogi, egg, steak, Korean street food” with 7,936,657 views.

The videos are embedded below:






Online Presence And Publicity

Courtesy of Tasty Travel Instagram Profile.

As of the moment, Tasty Travel is only present in Facebook and Instagram. And for more of their amazing food video contents, you may visit their YouTube Channel.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Tasty Travel 맛있는 여행 YouTube Channel is a great source for seniors!

Find out more about them by subscribing and watching videos in their YouTube channel.





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