Is There A Taco Bueno Senior Discount? [Find Out Here!]


Does Taco Bueno have a senior discount?

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If you have a Taco Bueno location near you, then you have the opportunity to taste arguably the most delicious tacos in your life. With that said, regularly consuming tacos could be taxing on your pocket, so a senior discount would surely be nice!

It appears that some locations do offer 10% discounts for people aged 60 or more – however, there is no *official* nationwide deals for seniors at the moment.

The Taco Bueno senior discount age and the discount availability may vary from location to location, so you should pay a visit to the nearest Taco Bueno to figure out if they have any special offers for you.

You can also hop on the Taco Bueno website for the freshest info on promotions. Taco Bueno usually features its deals on its homepage, so keep an eye on it during your hunt for a Taco Bueno senior discount!


Interesting Facts:

Did you know that Taco Bueno only has about 150 locations throughout the United States (as of September 2019)?

According to Wikipedia, Taco Bueno has locations in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. In June 2020, Taco Bueno opened its first Houston location too.


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