Subway Deals + FAQ’s (Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Subway!)


Subway Deals And FAQ's
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Looking to save money with Subway deals, or perhaps wondering about the company itself? Below, you will find a great deal of interesting facts and FAQs relating to Subway – the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world by the number of locations!

Subway Deals & Discounts FAQs

A view of the Subway website's deals webpage.

Is there a Subway senior discount?

Officially, Subway doesn’t have an *official* senior discount program as per its website. However, most of its stores seem to offer a 10% discount to visitors aged 60 or up. You’ll need your ID, driver’s license, or some other document that clearly shows your birthdate to prove your age.

Note that the senior discount can’t be combined with other promotions, like coupons. You’ll have to pick between the senior deal and other promotions.

Also, bear in mind that not all Subways may be offering a senior discount. Call your nearest Subway ahead of time to inquire about senior deals. Since Subway restaurants are owned by franchisees, terms may differ from location to location.

Is there a Subway veterans discount?

Some Subways have 10% discounts for military members, while others offer a free six-inch sub on Veteran’s Day. Like with senior discounts, you’ll have to check with your nearest Subway to find out if they indeed have military or veteran discounts.

Are there any Subway deals?

Subway restaurants offer multiple ways of money-saving, including:

  • Promo codes. Promo codes are often featured on the Subway website homepage. Check the promotions web page for more info as well.
  • MyWay Rewards. MyWay members get bonuses for their orders. These bonuses may be used toward future purchases.
  • Sub of the Day. Many Subway restaurants run the Sub of the Day deal, offering a different 6-inch sub each day at a low price.
  • Exclusive deals through the Subway app. Many of the Subway deals are only available when ordering through the mobile app. Be sure to download the app to keep an eye on active promotions.

Make sure to check with your local Subway – promotions differ between countries, states, and cities.

What is the cheapest Subway sandwich?

Subway prices may vary from location to location and state to state, so it’s difficult for us to tell which sandwich is the cheapest. But according to most sources, the cheapest sandwich is the six-inch Veggie Delite for $3.49.

Subway Menu & Services FAQs

A view of the Subway website's menu webpage.

Subway Controversies

Although Subway is the largest fast-food chain in the world, a number of controversies have weakened the company’s positions in recent years.

Subway has grown rapidly in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. But in 2014, Subway’s sales started to drop due to fierce competition from McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s, Panera, and Potbelly. Aside from that, Subway was overly focused on increasing the count of active restaurants, causing competition within itself.

In 2015, Subway had a major setback when Jared Fogle – spokesperson for Subway at the time – was sentenced to 16 years in prison for a sex crime against minors and receiving child pornography. Subway immediately cut its ties with Fogle, but the damage had already been done.

Is Subway Closing?

No, Subway is not closing down or going out of business. However, it is definitely shrinking in terms of its overall footprint.

In 2016, Subway closed more stores than it opened in the US for the first time in its history. Worldwide, the number of Subway locations decreased by 359.

The downward trend continued into 2018, when the company closed 1,100 stores. In 2019, as Subway’s sales dropped $210 million compared to 2018, another 1,000 stores were closed.

How to find a Subway near me?

There are two easy ways to find a Subway in your vicinity:

  • Open up Google and search for “Subway near me”. You should see a map at the very top of the page with nearby Subway restaurants.
  • Use the Subway store locator. Start typing the name of your city, select it when suggestions pop up, and view available locations.

When are Subways open?

Each Subway location has its own operating hours and days. Some stores are open every day, while others are closed on Sundays.

Use the store locator to find out the hours of your nearest Subway. Once you select a city, click the plus icon under the ORDER button of the Subway location to view its operating days and hours.

Does Subway deliver?

Subway delivery is available in select locations – consult the Subway website to find out if the service is accessible in your area. Delivery is carried out by Subway partners.

Does Subway have curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup is available at many Subway restaurants nationwide. You may order curbside pickup through the Subway app.

Is Subway healthy?

According to Healthline, Subway offers a wider variety of healthy meals than other fast-food restaurants (as of October 2017). Subway meals are low in sugar and have a good amount of fibers and protein, though some meals are overloaded with sodium and fat.

Remarkably, in 2012, Subway became the first quick-service restaurant to meet the nutritional criteria of the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Meal Certification Program.

According to Healthline, the least healthy meals at Subway include the six-inch chicken and bacon ranch melt sandwich, six-inch classic tuna sandwich, chicken and bacon ranch salad, and spicy Italian salad.

Be picky about Subway toppings as well – among the not so healthy options are bacon, pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and chipotle southwest dressing toppings.

Many of the healthy items are on the Fresh Fit and Fresh Fit for Kids menus, so you may choose food from there if you want a more diet-friendly and healthy meal.

Additionally, you may consult the Subway nutrition guide – this guide shows the nutrition details of all Subway items. You should be most careful with fats and sodium. Keep your other dietary needs in mind as well.

Which is healthier – Subway or McDonald’s?

Overall, for the same number of calories, Subway meals are slightly healthier than McDonald’s items in terms of protein and sugar levels. Subway also provides more vegetables, but the sodium level in its meals is higher.

However, do note that some McDonald’s meals may be healthier than comparable foods at Subway. So always make sure to check the nutritional makeup of each item you order.

Are Subway footlongs really 12 inches?

In 2016, Subway pledged that it would ensure that footlong sandwiches are at least 12 inches long. This happened after a group of people had sued Subway in 2013 for footlong sub sandwiches that hadn’t been actually a full 12 inches long.

Does Subway still do pizza?

Pizza is no longer offered in the Subway menu, though it may still be available at some locations.

Subway Employment FAQs

A view of the Subway website's career webpage.

How much does Subway pay?

According to Indeed (an employment website), here are the hourly rates of a number of Subway roles in the United States:

  • Assistant Store Manager – $13.72/hour.
  • Cashier – $9.32/hour.
  • Cashier/Sales – $9.55/hour.
  • Customer Service Associate/Cashier – $10.22/hour.
  • Lead Cashier – $10.94/hour.
  • Opener – $9.10/hour.
  • Overnight closer – $8.73/hour.
  • Shop Manager – $13.72/hour.
  • Store Manager – $12.91/hour.

Average salaries may vary between states – you may select a state on Indeed to view local salaries.

Do Subway workers get tips?

Subway workers generally don’t get tips. Customers themselves decide whether to tip you or not, and there is not the same obligation to do so that there is in a sit down restaurant with waiters and waitresses.

Does Subway get holiday pay?

This depends on the Subway. At some locations, employees do get paid holidays. You should check with your Subway for more info.

How old do you have to be to work at Subway?

According to this Q & A thread on Indeed, you need to be 16 years or older to work at Subway.

Is Subway a good first job?

Subway appears to be a decent place for a first job. If you are in high school or college and want to start earning money, you may want to consider it. But in the long term, Subway perhaps isn’t the best career path for those looking for upward mobility, unless your goal was to work in a high-level corporate-type role rather than within an actual Subway branch.

Here’s a video “day in the life” of a Subway worker:

What skills do you need to work at Subway?

The required skillset depends on the position you are applying for. No matter what, communication skills are a must for any Subway employee. Some roles also require:

  • Knowledge of inventory management.
  • Knowledge of basic math.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Management experience.

Most Subway roles are not demanding, though you should check the job description anyway.

Is There A Subway Website And/Or YouTube Channel?


The Subway website can be found here.

And the YouTube channel can be found here.

Here is an example of a video from their channel:



We hope that our Subway deals FAQs will prove useful to you! But no matter what you are looking for, the most reliable source of information would be the nearest Subway – get in touch with them if you still have questions!


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