Spotlight: The ‘Munchies’ YouTube Channel (Foodies Take Note!)


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There are many therapeutic benefits of cooking. It stimulates the senses like sense of sight, smell, taste and touch. It can also improve our appetite, especially for elderly. Cooking nutritious meals at home can be helpful in promoting healthy eating particularly in an environment dominated by fast foods and processed foods.

There are YouTube channels that offer easy to follow recipes and different kinds of foods from different places so that other senior citizens may try. One of those famous channels is Munchies YouTube Channel.

We think that they are a great resource for seniors, so we will be profiling them in this article!

What Is The “Munchies” YouTube Channel?

Munchies' YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Munchies’ YouTube Channel.

The Munchies YouTube Channel is created by the media group named VICE. This channel is dedicated to food and its worldwide purpose. They featured worldwide culinary experience and recipes from diverse chefs, home cooks, and makers.

Munchies was launched on YouTube on March 25, 2015, since then they gained 4.51M subscribers and 1,172,458,635 total views.


Most Popular Videos

Munchies' Pinterest Profile
Courtesy of Munchies’ Pinterest Profile.

The Munchies YouTube Channel covers videos all about foods, especially street foods from all over the world and recipes that are easy to follow.

As of right now, the five most popular videos on the channel are:

How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong” with 19,273,474 views.

The Legendary Dosa Man of NYC | Street Food Icons” with 15,224,441 views.

$2 Burgers in Harlem | Street Food Icons” with 15,028,349 views.

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in London’s East End” with 12,878,181 views.

Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship” with 12,078,423 views.

The videos are embedded below:






Munchies’ Online Presence And Publicity

Munchies' Twitter Profile
Courtesy of Munchies’ Twitter Profile.

As of now, Munchies is present in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  and in blogging sites like Tumblr and Foursquare. You may also check their contents under the website

For their video contents, you may visit their YouTube Channel.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Munchies YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors!

Find out more about them by subscribing and watching videos in their YouTube Channel.




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