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Home Cooking Adventure website
Courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure website.

As we all know, cooking at home has numerous benefits, such as… contributing to a healthier diet, saving money, reducing calorie consumption, and giving us more control over ingredients and taste!

In addition, some people find cooking a relaxing task.

However, it also can be challenging at times if you are trying to make food from scratch.

There are tons of YouTube channels that offer tutorials and recipes that can help us if we want to start cooking at home. One of those channels is the Home Cooking Adventure YouTube channel by Ella.

We think that she is a great resource for seniors, so we will be profiling her and her channel in this article!


What Is The “Home Cooking Adventure”  YouTube Channel?

Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel.


The Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel is created by a cook and photographer named Ella. She started her blog on her website and a YouTube channel to share her adventures in the kitchen.

Courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure Facebook Profile.

She stated in her website that,

I find cooking relaxing, I love talking with friends and family about food and sharing recipes. I started to love cooking mostly because home cooked food is fresher, better and healthier. It seems that nowadays it has become a luxury few can afford. Our lives seem overwhelmingly busy and “fast-food” is a common term in this hectic world.

I believe that cooking is for everybody. It might take time but it is an adventure, a wild ride, a rewarding and delightful experience that will soon turn into a captivating pleasure.

Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel has been on YouTube since May 27, 2013, and as of the time of writing has 1.74M subscribers and 220,741,443 total views.


Most Popular Videos

Home Cooking Adventure Facebook
Courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure Facebook.


The Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel covers videos all about easy to follow recipes, excellent flavors, decadent sweets and savory dishes.

As of right now, the five most popular videos on the channel are:

No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe” with 9,898,138 views.

Parmesan Potato Stacks Recipe” with  7,881,585 views.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe” with 7,165,788 views.

Opera Cake Recipe” with 5,318,616 views.

Nutella Cheesecake Recipe” with 5,073,322 views.

The videos are embedded below:





Home Cooking Adventure Online Presence And Publicity

Home Cooking Adventure Tiktok Profile
Courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure Tiktok Profile.


As of now, Home Cooking Adventure is present in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. You may also check her blogs on her own website.

For more videos about her recipes, you may also visit her YouTube Channel.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Home Cooking Adventure YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors!

Find out more about her by subscribing and watching videos in her YouTube Channel.





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