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Grandpa Kitchen Profile Picture
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Meals cooked by our grandparents are always considered as our greatest comfort food. They exert time, effort, and love just to prepare meals for their family, and that love is passed on through the food to us!

One perfect example is the Grandpa Kitchen YouTube channel, which can be a big help for grandparents in finding recipes and easy to cook meals for their family.

We think that this channel is a great source for seniors who love to cook, so we will be profiling them in this article!


What Is The “Granda Kitchen” YouTube Channel?

Grandpa Kitchen YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Grandpa Kitchen YouTube Channel.

Narayana Reddy or also known as “Grandpa” is popular because of his cooking channel on YouTube which is the Grandpa Kitchen. The channel started August  26, 2017 with the goal of showing how to cook delicious meals for children and also to serve food to orphans. They were making both Indian and Western dishes.

Narayana Reddy
Courtesy of Grandpa Kitchen’s Facebook Profile.

Before Narayana Reddy pursued his YouTube profession, he was a gardener who loved to cook large meals for all the members of his family. He used a wood-fired flame to cook instead of a modern oven. Grandpa’s menu was so diverse and included dishes ranging from Chicken Biryani, pizza, burgers, chicken lollipops, crispy potato fingers, and so on.


‘Grandpa Kitchen’ Narayana Reddy Death

Narayana Reddy stopped uploading videos due to health issues and sadly, he died on October 27, 2019 at the age of 73. His death upset and brought sadness to his supporters, and fans of his posted tributes to him on Twitter and other social media platforms.


The channel is now run by his son Shrikant Reddy, he is continuing the main goal of their father, the heartfelt kitchen-free cooking for orphaned children.


Most Popular Videos

Grandpa Kitchen YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Grandpa Kitchen’s YouTube Channel.

The Grandpa Kitchen was launched in August  26, 2017 and as of the time of this writing , they gained 9.36M subscribers and accumulated 1,228,886,805 total views.

As of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

BIGGEST OREO CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE PREPARED BY OUR GRANDPA | Oreo Biscuit cake Recipe” with 70,179,320 views.

French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids” with 70,157,338 views.

100 Maggi Noodles Cooking By Our Grandpa | Yummy Maggi Noodles Donating to Orphans” with  32,478,747 views

The videos are embedded below:




The Grandpa Kitchen’s Online Presence And Publicity


Grandpa Kitchen's Twitter Profile
Courtesy of Grandpa Kitchen’s Twitter Profile.

As of now, Grandpa Kitchen is present on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

For their video contents, you may visit their YouTube Channel.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Grandpa Kitchen YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors!

Find out more about them by subscribing and watching videos in their YouTube Channel.




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