How The ‘Our Rich Journey’ YouTube Channel Can Help You Think Creatively About Retirement


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When is the right time to retire?

As per Investopedia:

It’s a question that depends on your personal needs and circumstances—not to mention your personality and plans for what you’d do instead. We’ve all had days when we’re prepared to hand our boss a resignation letter and lead the good life of a retiree. While leaving the workforce early might sound like paradise, it can be a big mistake if you’re not financially ready to live without a paycheck.

One couple that achieved their goal to retire early is Amon and Christina Browning of Our Rich Journey.

Our Rich Journey YouTube channel focuses on sharing their experiences on how they achieve their financial independence.

We think they are a great source for seniors, so we will be profiling them in this article!


Who Are The Brownings?

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The Brownings are a family of four from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Amon and Christina Browning are both federal government employees. They both set a goal to retire before the age 40. And because of lots of planning and decision making they came up with different ways to make and save extra money to invest. And after eight years of making, saving, and investing money, they grew their portfolio to the amount that allowed them to resign to their jobs and retire early in working a regular job.


What Is The “Our Rich Journey” YouTube Channel?

Our Rich Journey YouTube
Courtesy of Our Rich Journey YouTube Channel.

Our Rich Journey YouTube channel is created by the married couple named Amon and Christina Browning. They consider themselves Financial Independence YouTubers that share contents about conventional and unconventional ways to earn, save, and invest in order to achieve FIRE or Financial Independence Retire Early.

According to their YouTube channel,

When we started pursuing FIRE, the movement was relatively small and not many people knew about it. But through our Channel, we’re hoping more people learn about FIRE! In our videos we share ways to make money, save money, and invest money – to inspire you to pursue financial independence.



Amon and Christina have been on YouTube since May 22, 2018 and as of the date of this writing, have approximately 556K subscribers and accumulated 30,721,807 views.


Most Popular Videos

Our Rich Journey YouTube channel is popular for sharing contents about making, saving, and investing money, retirement, stocks, index funds, and cryptocurrency.

As of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

How We Became Millionaires with Index Funds | Vanguard, Schwab, & Fidelity” with 2,203,975 views.

We Retired Early in Portugal | SEE OUR MINIMALIST HOME” with  1,021,536 views.

We Retired at 39 to Portugal & Bought Our Dream Home in CASH (See How Much We Paid & Tour Our Home!)” with 963,082 views.

The videos are embedded below:




Our Rich Journey Online Presence And Publicity

Our Rich Journey Instagram
Courtesy of Our Rich Journey Instagram Profile.

Our Rich Journey is present on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook group, and Pinterest. You may also check their website and you may also enroll in their F.I.R.E Master Class.

And for more content on pursuing F.I.R.E, check out their YouTube channel.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Our Rich Journey YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors! Find out more about them by subscribing and watching videos in their YouTube Channel.




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