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Watching amazing stories in video form can be quite therapeutic.

Indeed, “Cinema therapy” is a type of self-help that deals with physiological and psychological concerns. Gary Solomon, popularized the term, which he defines as the technique of employing movies for therapeutic reasons on the big screen or on television. Film therapies are effective for a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, addiction, grieving, PTSD, and phobias.

Today, YouTube offers all kinds of content of an uplifting and edifying nature, all waiting for us at the click of a finger.

One such YouTube channel that offers documentary films featuring extraordinary lives and stories is the David Hoffman YouTube Channel.

We think he is a great resource for seniors, so we will be profiling him in this article!


Who Is David Hoffman?

David Hoffman
Courtesy of David Hoffman’s Facebook Profile.

According to his website,

Hoffman is a veteran corporate communicator & Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Foundation Fellow who has been consulted on audience engagement by executives at more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies, including AT&T, GE, Google, Verizon Wireless, United Technologies, Merck, Amazon, and Sony. His start-­up clients include Mesosphere, Yerdle, Cherokee Uniforms, Liquid Robotics & TEDMED. He has worked directly with leading entrepreneurs including Jay Walker (Priceline founder), Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder), and Megan Smith (Obama administration U.S. Chief Technology Officer, former Google VP). Hoffman was recently the Executive Producer of LabTV, a Jay Walker media startup, where Hoffman’s team produced over 1,000 videos on medical science that captured over 13 million views on YouTube in just 9 months.

Hoffman is a TED conference veteran, twice a presenter. He is also a documentary filmmaker with more than 150 national TV shows and 10 CLIO advertising awards to his credit. His work has received Emmys, CLIOs, Golden Globes, and an Academy Award, just to name a few honors.

Varied Directions International, Hoffman’s company, is a special agency that helps businesses identify legitimate, real ways to engage people, primarily through video on YouTube and Facebook.


What Is The “David Hoffman” YouTube Channel?

David Hoffman
Courtesy of David Hoffman’s YouTube Channel.

David Hoffman YouTube Channel focuses more on producing documentary films featuring extraordinary lives and stories.

He has been on YouTube since September 28, 2005 and as of the time of this writing, has approximately  725K subscribers and 190,306,877 total views.


Most Popular Videos

The David Hoffman YouTube Channel contains lots of documentary videos and as of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

BB King Called This His Best Live Performance” with 18,599,538 views.

Magnificent Storyteller Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam” with 14,093,353 views.

Wall Street Traders Were VERY Intense in 1980. This Is Real!” with 8,628,477 views.




David Hoffman’s Online Presence And Publicity

David Hoffman's Patreon Profile
Courtesy of David Hoffman’s Patreon Profile.

Aside from YouTube, David Hoffman is also present on Facebook. You may also check out his website and his profile on Patreon.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe David Hoffman YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors! Find out more about him by subscribing and watching videos in his YouTube Channel.



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