Is There A Spectrum Internet Senior Discount?


Is there a Spectrum Internet senior discount?
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Is There A Spectrum Internet Senior Discount?

As far as our research indicates, Spectrum doesn’t offer discounted internet packages for senior citizens.

However, while there is no official Spectrum internet senior discount, there is the Spectrum Internet Assist program for low-income households.

Spectrum doesn’t specify how much Internet Assist costs – fees may vary depending on your location. According to a 2017 document published on the website of the city of Clearwater, Florida, the package costs $14.99 per month, but you’ll have to apply for the program to find out more accurate details.

For some perspective, regular Spectrum internet packages start from $49.99 per month.

In order to be eligible for Spectrum Internet Assist, one or more members in your household must be a recipient of one of these assistance programs:

Of these, it is the Supplemental Security Income program that relates to seniors.

Note that Social Security Disability (SSD), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and Social Security Retirement and Survivor Benefits recipients are not eligible for Spectrum Internet Assist. Additionally, current Spectrum internet subscribers can’t make use of this offer.

Spectrum Internet Assist includes the following features.

  • Free internet modem.
  • 30 Mbps internet connection.
  • No data caps.
  • No contracts.
  • Optional Wi-Fi service at $5 per month.

Spectrum Internet Assist also includes Security Suite at no additional charge. Security Suite is Spectrum’ anti-malware solution available for Windows and Mac computers.

For more information about Spectrum Internet Assist, read its overview in Spectrum’s help center. You may apply for the package here. You’ll need to supply documentation to prove eligibility for Internet Assist.

Are There Other Ways To Save With Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet Assist is a wonderful way to save if you are eligible for it. But if you also want to know how else to save with Spectrum, here are a few ways.

First up, if you are stuck in a contract with another internet service provider, Spectrum is ready to cover early terminations fees up to $500. If your early termination fees exceed $500, you’ll only have to pay the extra amount over $500.

Spectrum $500 Buyout.

Another way to save would be to bundle Spectrum services with each other. If you are going to apply for Spectrum Internet Assist but also want TV, you should be able to get discounted prices if you bundle with Spectrum TV and Spectrum Voice (Spectrum’s home phone service).

Spectrum Internet Assist bundling options.

In September 2020, Charter Communications – the parent company of Spectrum – relaunched its free 60-day internet & Wi-Fi offer for households with educators, college students, and/or K-12th graders. This offer may still be live – to enroll, call 844-310-1198.

You may also check out the Spectrum deals web page for the latest offers. Typically, the deals page only features standard Spectrum packages, but if anything new comes up, you should be able to find details there.

Note that Spectrum Internet Assist may not be able to be combined with other Spectrum offers. Before committing to a package, make sure that you understand the terms.


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