Spotlight: Sixty And Me YouTube Channel (Who Is Margaret Manning?)


The dating section of Margaret Manning's website.

While there is a wealth of amazing information online today for virtually every community or subculture one could imagine, there seems to be a deficit of good, high-quality blogs and YouTube channels for seniors.

As a result, we here at SeniorDiscountHub have decided to make a point of spotlighting popular senior blogs + vlogs for our readers.

Learning new skills, exercising, reading quotes, and meeting like-minded people are all great ways to get the most of our life, and blogs and YouTube channels can help with all these things and countless more!

In that vein, one of the most popular senior-oriented communities that exists- and which this article will profile- is Sixty and Me – created by Margaret Manning.

What Is Sixty And Me?

Sixty and Me is an online community of women over 60. The community spans YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a web blog.

Sixty and Me was founded by Margaret Manning in 2012. She writes on the Sixty and Me website that she started the project to support women of her age:

I started Sixty and Me to help other women my age to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives. My desire is to help the women in our community to find profitable work, stay healthy and develop a positive mindset about this amazing period of our lives.

On the same web page, Manning writes that Sixty and Me, as a community, includes over 500,000 women over the age of 60.

The Sixty and Me web blog incorporates a truly vast array of articles for elderly women. The blog posts cover topics like dating, finance, health, and beauty, among others. If you are looking for one online resource to support you through your 60s and beyond, Sixty and Me may be for you.

Remarkably, Sixty and Me also has a website dedicated to games like crosswords, sudoku, and solitaire, among many, many others.

Manning also has a web store called Aging Beautifully. There, you can find accessories like necklaces, scarves, or jewelry, as well as a number of paid senior yoga programs.

We’ve got a post dedicated to senior yoga, by the way, so have a look at it if you are planning to enliven your day-to-day routine!

If you prefer video to text, then visit the Sixty and Me YouTube channel.





Manning is also present on Twitter.

Who Founded Sixty And Me?

Sixy and Me's Margaret Manning on LinkedIn.

Sixty and Me was founded by online entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and author Margaret Manning. She has quite an impressive background, judging by her LinkedIn profile.

Manning graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1979 with a BA in Comparative Religion.

Between January 1989 and June 1992, Manning served as Corporate Account Manager at tech company Computacenter. From August 1992 to July 1994, she held the position of National Sales Director at MicroAge.

Following MicroAge, Manning worked at Microsoft for 6 years – from July 1994 to June 2000. She held three positions at Microsoft:

  • Communications & Channel Manager from July 1994 to June 1996.
  • Channel Strategy Group Manager from June 1996 to June 1998.
  • Sales Manager (Inbound Sales Team) from June 1998 to June 2000.

In 1999, Manning founded Passion for India – a retail and online business specializing in imported Indian textiles and home accessories. As the owner of Passion for India, Manning managed pretty much all aspects of the company’s operations, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, and advertising.

Between August 2003 and September 2004, Manning served as Sales Manager at NetReflector.

In September 2004, Manning returned to Microsoft and worked there as Senior Communications Manager until December 2010.

From April 2012 to July 2013, Manning held the position of Marketing Manager at Siemens.

While at Siemens, Manning became actively engaged in online content marketing and social media consulting. Her LinkedIn page states that since December 2011, she has managed multiple Facebook pages with over 100,000 fans.

Manning also began writing for major online publications, including The Huffington Post, CNN, and Next Avenue.

The beginnings of Sixty and Me

The homepage of Sixty and Me.

In January 2012, Manning founded Sixty and Me – a community dedicated to women over the age of 60.

Manning’s profile on the Microsoft Alumni Network shares how she has arrived at the idea of founding Sixty and Me.

The main driver for Manning to start Sixty and Me was the psychological barrier of 60 years. Manning joked that she was 59 for three years while working at Microsoft and then Siemens.

With the youth culture at tech companies, I didn’t talk about my age, but I started a community to see if there were any other women on the journey who were having trouble getting over the 60 milestone.

Initially, Manning created a Facebook group to see if anyone in their 60s wanted to discuss their issues. Manning spent $5 daily on Facebook ads for a month.

Well, as it turned out, Manning tapped into a huge demographic that had a lot to share.

We are changing lives. People are super-engaged. The community is wide and deep: Ages 50–80 from 150 countries. More than 350,000 women visit the site every month, with 82,000 members in the Facebook group and 30,000 in our direct mail list. There’s huge diversity.

Sixty and Me soon expanded to incorporate a web blog and a YouTube channel. In the beginning, Manning, her son Nathan, and his wife Elena managed and populated the site with content – now, blog posts are written and maintained by dedicated bloggers.



To find out more about Sixty and Me, head over to its website, YouTube channel, Facebook group, and to Manning’s Twitter page!



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