7 Senior Citizen Day Ideas And Activities


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Senior Citizens Day is aimed at reminding us of the immense contribution seniors have made to our society.

If you aren’t sure how this date should be celebrated, we’ll give you a few Senior Citizen Day ideas! In addition, we’ll have a brief look at the history of National Senior Citizens Day to better understand its significance!

When Is Senior Citizen Day?

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Senior Citizens Day celebrations may be held on different dates, depending on where you are. In Canada, for example, National Seniors Day is October 1. In the United States, National Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on August 21 every year since 1988.

As far as the US is concerned, Citizens Day was brought into being by US President Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Proclamation. The Proclamation commemorated the achievements of senior Americans in the US society and announced August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day.

Back then, President Reagan remarked that 4.5 million senior citizens were serving as volunteers in various projects for the benefit of society. Today, National Senior Citizens Day may be even more important because the number of seniors is increasing year after year.

According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2060, there will be just shy of 20 million citizens over the age of 85. For comparison, in 1960, there were about a million Americans aged over 85.

A similar trend can be seen for all other senior age groups (60-65+ years old).

By 2034, senior adults are projected to outnumber children for the first time in the history of the United States.

Senior Citizen Day is about honoring the sacrifices of our seniors and about taking care of them. Let’s not forget that the risk of severe illness increases with age, according to the United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. People aged 85 or older are at the greatest risk, in fact.

With that, considering that there are more senior Americans than ever, we should take extra care of our loved ones while also honoring their immense contributions to society.

Interestingly, the percentage of seniors in the US labor force has been growing in recent years, which we covered in our guide for online degrees for seniors. So don’t worry – you’re good to pursue career goals no matter your age!


7 Senior Citizen Day Activities & Ideas

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Senior Citizen Day celebrations revolve around the idea that seniors are an integral part of society. Their contribution should be recognized and paid back.

Below are 7 Senior Citizens Day activities and ideas for seniors or those who have elderly family members.

1. Ask your elderly relatives to share a story

Seniors have a wealth of wisdom and experiences to share, so what better way to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day than to ask your elderly relatives to share a story? Take them out for a cup of coffee and have a chat about a remarkable event or memory from their youth.

2. Host a celebration party

Don’t let your loved ones feel left out and lonely – host a celebration party just for them! We humans are social creatures, and besides, stress has health implications.

Loneliness is a major problem for older adults – a survey by the University of Michigan revealed that 1 in 3 seniors feels a lack of companionship, while 27% reported feeling isolated from others.

3. Call or text your elderly loved ones

If you are unable to connect with your elderly loved ones in person, call or text them and tell them how much they mean to you. Believe us, 5 minutes would be enough to reassure them of their huge role in your life!

4. Donate to a local nursing home

You may also donate or sponsor a celebration event at a local nursing home. This gesture would mean the world not only to seniors but also to the staff. Nursing home employees also deserve appreciation, though there’s also National Nursing Home Week for that.

5. Go shopping

Many stores run special deals for seniors on National Senior Citizens Day. This means that you get not only to spend some quality time but also save money on some things that you may have long wanted to buy.

6. Send a note of thanks to seniors you know

Write a personal note of thanks to every senior who has made a contribution to your life path, no matter how small or large.

7. Dedicate your day to a senior in your neighborhood

Bake a pie or just pay a visit to a senior in your neighborhood. If you know someone with no friends or relatives, this would be the perfect chance to brighten their day!



However you choose to celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day, we can all be thankful it exists to show our older loved-ones how much they mean to us.

Drop us a line and tell us of any good National Senior Citizens Day activities you come up with!



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