The Truth About Senior Apartments Everyone Over 55 Should Know


At a certain point in their lives, seniors may begin to find their existing home a pain rather than a pleasure. The usual home elements, such as stairs or high cabinets, can make it difficult for them to navigate everyday life. They may also begin to crave better access to same-age peers and social activities.  That’s why many decide to pick senior apartments as a convenient option! Interested in what kind of options exist in terms of senior apartments? The truth may shock and delight you!


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What are senior apartments?

Senior apartments are specially designed to suit the specific needs of older adults. This means that the traditional home elements, such as high stairs, are avoided. Some additional features are added, such as grab bars to help them navigate through the home. All of these features are meant to keep the seniors safe and improve the quality of their life. Also, the apartments have shared rooms and facilitate social events for the residents. The minimum required age for getting approved is 55 years, although this can sometimes vary.(1)

The benefits of senior living options

  • Fewer chores. Cleaning and other house chores are very simple and straightforward when living in an apartment. Caring for a large house becomes more tricky as the years pass, so you need a solution for this. A small apartment is more comfortable to maintain and requires less effort when compared to single-family homes. In addition, many senior communities offer amenities such as laundry service.
  • Feel more safe and secure. The apartments are specially constructed with having the seniors’ needs in mind, such as reachable cabinets and grip rails. The area is private and available for the residents only. In addition, many seniors may feel more secure living in such communities if they are worried about crime or other issues.
  • Boost your social life. Young people are having busy lives and don’t have enough time for socializing with seniors. Knowing that the senior living options only allow adults above 55, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Many communities organize special gatherings and social events, so you are guaranteed to have a rich social life. 
  • Access to a wide range of amenities. Seniors have lots of free time available, so they need exciting activities that suit their age. The senior communities offer a vast range of amenities, including swimming pools, exercise facilities, and gathering areas. According to Healthline(2), being physically active is one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining your health. With having suitable facilities within your apartment complex, you don’t have to put time and effort into commuting. Since the amenities can differ from community to community, make sure to research ahead to find the one that suits your preference. 


Are senior apartments the right choice for you?

As the Baby-Boomer Generation reaches retirement age, senior living communities are rapidly growing in popularity.(3) But are they the right choice for you? The only way to find out is to dive into into the topic online and research! With the surging popularity of such communities, there are a massive number of different options you can look into. By learning all there is to know you can set yourself up for an educated choice on whether senior apartments or a senior living community is right for you!


How to choose the right apartment or community

According to Healthline(4), many families underestimate the importance of picking a suitable apartment. This decision will impact the quality of your life, so you need to do your research before making the final choice. Failing to do so might result in multiple moves until you find the convenient apartment that suits your needs.

These are the things that you should know when searching for the right senior apartment: 

  • Age: Residents of seniors apartments are strictly restricted by their age, which means that they have to be older than 55, or whatever the specific age is in your community. As a result, it is important to keep in mind that you might not be able to take care of your grandchildren in-home for more than 90 days in a row, or invite a younger family member to move in with you, since this would violate the age guidelines.
  • Location: Some states are more popular than others when it comes to independent senior living. Florida has a total of 375 age-restricted communities, which makes it the most popular across the US. Virginia is considered to be very senior-friendly. Other states that have lots of senior living options are North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina.(5)
  • Budget: Senior apartments in the US are available for any budget, so that the total prices can vary dramatically. Some luxury communities can be extremely expensive… However on the other end, some communities are fully or partially funded by the government to provide cheap senior living options for those that qualify as low-income. Make sure to do your online research and explore the different options available in your area. 
  • Additional restrictions: Senior apartments come with pet restrictions as well. If pets are an essential part of your life, have a careful approach to this issue. You might be restricted on the number, type, and size of pets, so have this checked upfront to avoid inconvenience. 


Those are the facts on senior apartments and senior living communities, but as always, it is important to do your own research and learn about all the options are your disposal!



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