Revolutionary New Phone And Tablet Cleaner: ScreenKlean By CarbonKlean


No matter how careful you think you are with your smartphone or tablet screen, it will get nasty sooner or later. Dust, bacteria, oil – contaminants like these will inevitably make it onto your precious devices. That’s exactly what ScreenKlean was invented to fix!

ScreenKlean in action.


What Is ScreenKlean And How Does It Work?


ScreenKlean’s cleaning performance is based on “carbon nanotech” technology.

According to CarbonKlean – the maker of this cleaning device – the cleaning surface of ScreenKlean consists of electrically-charged carbon cleaning molecules. When you wipe your mobile device or computer screen, these molecules grab onto dirt and oil particles and lift them away. No harmful chemicals are used!

It’s very similar to Peeps eyeglasss-cleaners, the beloved brand also made by CarbonKlean, and both products have become enormously popular as we all became more and more focused on cleanliness.

But while Peeps are meant for eyeglasses, ScreenKlean was invented specifically for hard to clean phone, tablet, and laptop screens that get touched by fingers on a continual basis.

How ScreenKlean works.

In contrast, a regular microfiber cloth merely smears the dirt across the screen, not only not helping but also making matters worse. And as the cloth moves dust particles around, it may scratch your screen.

A good microfiber cloth will indeed absorb some grime, but it will likely leave most of it on the screen’s surface.

With its more effective cleaning technology, ScreenKlean promises to solve this issue and make screen wipes quick and easy. Not only that, but CarbonKlean advertises that the cleaner can tackle bacteria as well!

After each wiping session, ScreenKlean needs to be placed onto its recharging station. During the recharge, the dirt and grime molecules on the surface of the pad get pushed toward the back, giving place for clean molecules.

How Many Times Can ScreenKlean Clean My Screen?

The parts of ScreenKlean.Each carbon pad can clean your screen about 150 times. However, the actual lifetime depends on your screen size. To fully clean a larger computer monitor, for example, you may need to recharge ScreenKlean multiple times. So the larger your screen, the fewer times you’ll be able to clean it with a single pad.

But once your current cleaning pad is done, you may purchase replacement pads from CarbonKlean.

Get ScreenKlean And Save Now!


If you buy ScreenKlean right now, you’ll get a chance to save, especially with their bulk discounts:

  • If you buy 3 ScreenKleans, one of them will be 50% off.
  • If you buy 5 ScreenKleans, you’ll only pay for 3.
  • If you buy 8 ScreenKleans, you’ll only pay for 4.

Each ScreenKlean comes individually packaged, which is great if you are buying this thing as a gift! ScreenKlean is covered by a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

If you can’t stand dirty, filthy phone and tablet screens then ScreenKlean may be your perfect solution!

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