Is There A Publix Senior Discount?


Some Publix locations offer 5% senior discounts on Wednesdays.
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Is There A Publix Senior Discount?

According to AARP, some Publix locations offer 5% discounts for seniors aged 60+ on Wednesdays. You should get in touch with your nearest Publix to find out if they actually have a senior discount. As far as we know, not every Publix store has offers for seniors.

Other Ways To Save With Publix

Even if your local Publix doesn’t have a senior discount program, know that there are other ways to save! Let’s go over the most notable offers below.

For more info, you may view savings on the Publix website – just hover your mouse over the Savings button in the website’s top menu bar to see available options. Note that after you select a savings category, you’ll need to select your Publix location to see promotions.

The Savings sub-menu on the Publix homepage.

Read the savings FAQ on the Publix website too.

Anyway, if you want to start saving with Publix, you should create a Club Publix member account. A Club Publix membership offers the following benefits:

  • Early notifications about sales and promotions.
  • Exclusive perks.
  • Quick checkout via the Publix app.
  • Coupons based on the items you buy.
  • Favorite lists that allow you to reorder frequently purchased items in a few taps.

Once you’ve created a Club Publix account, make sure to check out digital coupons. Club Publix members may add digital coupons to their accounts to be able to save on eligible items. To redeem your digital coupon, you need to enter your 10-digit phone number at checkout.

Publix offers dozens of digital coupons to choose from.

For more info, read the digital coupons FAQ on the Publix website.

Another super-popular promotion at Publix is BOGOs, or buy-one-get-frees. On its savings FAQ page, Publix writes that at least 30 BOGO deals are featured every week.

BOGO is perhaps the most popular of the chain's promotions.

You may find even more deals in the Extra Savings category:

Extra Savings contain some deals on top of BOGOs and digital coupons.

Finally, check out the weekly ad of your Publix store – you’ll see promotion highlights for the current week there.

Check out Publix weeky ads regularly.


Interesting facts about Publix:


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