Brilliant Invention Protects Your Family Photos With One Click!


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Did you know that 1 in 3 people will eventually lose ALL their family photos in a computer crash or other accident?

It’s true.

And unfortunately, trying to download and save all your photos yourself- likely off of several old computers- could take dozens upon dozens of hours…

Luckily though there is an incredible new invention designed just for this purpose!



ThePhotostick instantly backs up ALL your old photos with ONE CLICK! And there’s no tech skills required!

Not only this, but it saves you from having to pay huge ongoing cloud storage costs that can add up to hundreds of dollars per year!

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Back Up All Your Photos With Little Effort

Here’s how ThePhotoStick works at a glance – you plug it into a USB port in your computer, and the software built into the stick starts automatically looking for photo and video files on the computer. Once the stick finds the desired files, it copies them onto itself, making sure that no duplicate files are carried over.

There is no need to install any kind of software on your computer for ThePhotoStick to work – everything is on the stick already! So to be able to protect your most precious photos and videos, you only need to have your files on a computer with a USB port!

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