Personalized Fishing Lures With Custom Engraving [Special Discount!]


Personalized gifts are arguably the best gifts. Off-the-shelf items can still be very nice, but they aren’t truly unique and may not make the person feel as special…. Besides, a customized gift will have a deeper association with you – the gift giver!

Three customized fishing lures from Personalization Mall.

If you are looking for a personalized gift for an avid angler, then a custom-made fishing lure is a wonderful option. Not only are customized lures unique, but they are also very practical!

They also make for a wonderful gift for collectors of unique-looking fishing items!

How Can You Customize Fishing Lures With Personalization Mall?

Two customized fishing lures from Personalization Mall.

Personalization Mall offers a wide range of fishing lure styles to choose from. With each and every one of them, you have distinct customization options.

Personalization is done free of charge and with no hidden fees – the cost of the customization is included in the price of the lures!

All in all, here’s how Personalization Mall allows you to customize fishing lures:

  • Color. Some lures are available in just one color, while others have as many as 7 options.
  • Stylized phrase. Most fishing lures sold at Personalization Mall allow you to add a stylized phrase with fishing-related puns or whatnot. These typically are not customizable.
  • Custom lines and text. You may add 1 to 3 lines of customized text to the lure too. Customization options vary between lures – some only offer 1 line of text, while others let you choose text font, color, add dates, and more.
  • Photo. A few of the lures may also be decorated with your own images and photos. This is a great way to mark special dates and moments!

The lures have a punched hole at each end and come with a jump ring and a sharp treble hook. You may swap out the jump ring and the hook if you have something better.

You may also order two types of gift box services:

  • Deluxe Gift Box Service. If you choose this add-on, the lure will arrive in a stylish gift box.
  • DIY Flat Gift Kit. With this cheaper option, you receive the supplies to make a gift box yourself. If you can make gift boxes and want to further customize the presentation of the lure, this may be a great option!

A customized fishing lure for a girl, from Personalization Mall.

What Else Can You Get At Personalization Mall?

Personalization Mall isn’t just about fishing lures – you can find many other cool things there! Among other things, they sell:

  • Kitchenware like travel mugs, cutting boards, aprons, or cookie jars.
  • Barware like beer, wine, or cocktail glasses.
  • Bed & bath items like blankets, robes, towels, or pillows.
  • Office items like pens, portfolios, mouse pads, or nameplates.
  • Garden items like doormats, garden stones, or wind chimes.
  • Fishing & hunting items like bucket coolers, fish fillet knives, or BBQ tools.

All of this can be personalized to make for a unique gift for a family member or friend!

This merely scratches the surface of what Personalization Mall has to offer – be sure to have a good look around the store for many more gift ideas!

Get A Customized Fishing Lure Now At A Discounted Price!

Personalization Mall regularly runs promotions, allowing you to save as much as 50% with some products! The deals are especially great before and during important events and holidays like Christmas.

If you are looking for a cool and unique gift idea, Personalization Mall might be for you!


PS: By the way, the FlipFork 5-in-1 grilling tool may be a great gift for the dad or grandpa in your life as well! And the KeySmart keychain organizer is also an excellent choice for those anglers who carry a lot of knives or keys on them!

Note: We’re proud to be affiliates of Personalization Mall and heartily recommend their products!

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