Does Old Country Buffet Still Exist?


An Old Country Buffet location.

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Old Country Buffet was once one of the most popular buffet restaurants in America – but what happened to it?  Does Old Country Buffet still exist?

This is a commonly-queried question online and and the answer is “sort of”.

As of today only 17 Old Country Buffet locations are still open.

This is a fraction of what it used to have, meaning that unless you live near one of those 17 remaining locations, Old Country Buffet is effectively no more.


Why did the Old Country Buffet close? What happened to Old Country Buffet?

It seems that the demise of Old Country Buffet was due to multiple factors, including an expensive and public lawsuit from a customer in Wyoming who contracted salmonella at one of their locations,  in addition to issues of declining popularity, both for it individually and for the buffet restaurant industry as a whole.

In addition, it’s parent company underwent a series of bankruptcies, and as the bad news stacked up it appears that more and more locations were closed, leaving only 17 remaining as of this writing.


Is there an Old Country Buffet Senior Discount? (at the 17 remaining locations that is)

Well, Old Country Buffet does appear to have a nationwide senior discount policy, but you’ll have to contact your local buffet for details – Old Country Buffet prices and deals vary by location. According to the FAQ on their website, though, Old Country Buffet offers senior prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Note: The link to their website mentioned in previous sentence is no longer working)



If you’re bummed about the news over Old Country Buffet, you can take solace in the fact that there’s tons of other great restaurants still open!

Check out our Restaurants section to find out which ones may offer senior discounts you can take advantage of!



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