Nordstrom Savings Facts + FAQ’s (Learn Everything Here!)


Nordstrom homepage.

Nordstrom has hundreds of stores worldwide and ships internationally, providing buyers from many corners of the world with access to quality clothing and accessories!

Plus, international buyers can benefit from regular Nordstrom promotions, like their Anniversary Sale!

With so many great choices though, shopping at Nordstrom can be sometimes be a challenge for buyers’ budgets, so deals and promotions are more than welcome. If you like the selection of items at Nordstrom but want to keep your spending low, read on to learn how to save on your next trip!

Note that promotion availability may vary between countries. Make sure to read promotion terms and conditions.

Nordstrom FAQs

Why Is Nordstrom So Expensive?

Nordstrom is one of the higher-end department store chains in the US because many of the brands featured in its stores are American. So even though Nordstrom isn’t too budget-friendly, you should be getting better quality for the buck.

How Can I Get A Discount At Nordstrom? Does Nordstrom Do Discounts?

Nordstrom does do discounts, and here are a few notable promotions to keep an eye out for:

  • Buy & Save (click link at left for US/INTL or here for Nordstrom Canada). With Buy & Save deals, buyers receive a discount by purchasing two or more of one item or an eligible group of items.
  • Gifts with Purchase. With this deal, you receive complimentary gifts with your purchase.
  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This promotion runs every July/August. According to Nordstrom, “this event has become legendary among Nordstrom customers who enjoy outstanding savings on the most exciting new fall merchandise, along with plenty of stuff for summer.” Nordstrom calls the Anniversary Sale its best sale of the year.
  • Half-Yearly Sales. These sales run each spring and fall and offer seasonal sales and deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories.A number of clothing items on sale.

Nordstrom doesn’t offer any coupons. The company states that coupons found online aren’t valid.

You may browse sale items for women (click at left for US/INTL or here for Nordstrom Canada), men (again, click left for US/INTl or here for Canada), and children (US at left/Canada here) on the Nordstrom website. There are regular home item sales (US at left/Canada here) as well.

Discounts are typically applied automatically during checkout. But in some cases, you will need to enter a promo code. Nordstrom promo codes are displayed on the product details or promotion pages.

You could also sign up for the Nordy Club (or click here for Nordy Club Canada) to earn reward points with each purchase. You get 1 point per $1 spent, and you get even more if shopping with a Nordstrom credit or debit card.

Nordy Club rewards.

Does Nordstrom Have Promo Codes?

Nordstrom does have promo codes. These can typically be found on the webpages of discounted products or on promotion pages.

Note that not all Nordstrom promotions require a promo code – some discounts are applied automatically on checkout.

Does Nordstrom Price Match?

Nordstrom does have some form of price matching. Here’s what its price matching policy states:

We compare prices on thousands of items and may display limited-time price matching on selected items on our website. Or, if you find an item we offer for a lower price at a selected competitor, we will meet that price at time of purchase.

Nordstrom Canada’s policy is the same.

Does Nordstrom Do Price Adjustments?

Yes, Nordstrom does do price adjustments. If Nordstrom or a “selected” competitor lowers the price of an item you’ve already bought, you’ll be able to request a price adjustment within 14 days of the shipment date.

There are certain limitations though – you will find them listed in the Nordstrom pricing policy (here’s the policy of Nordstrom Canada). Among other things, the item has to be in stock at the selected competitor or Nordstrom, and it has to be identical in color and size.

Nordstrom Rack FAQs

Nordstrom Rack homepage.

Why Is Nordstrom Rack So Cheap?

According to Business Insider, here’s how Nordstrom Rack keeps its prices low:

  • As an off-price retailer, it sells items at a significant discount.
  • It adds new item styles each week. To be able to continuously free up room for new items, Rack offers existing items at huge discounts.
  • Many items are leftovers from previous seasons.

Does Nordstrom Rack Have Deals?

Nordstrom Rack’s items are already quite heavily discounted compared to their Nordstrom counterparts, so you could say that anything at Rack is a great deal. Rack discounts reach 40%-65%, depending on the item.

However, you could shop for clearance items to save even more – in some cases, clearance savings exceed 70%! If you become a Nordy Club member, you’ll also get reward points for each purchase.

Does Nordstrom Rack Price Match?

No, Nordstrom Rack does not price match or make price adjustments. Here’s why:

At Nordstrom Rack stores and, we work hard to offer competitive prices on everything we sell. With this effort in mind, we do not price match or make adjustments, as our prices change often to ensure the best possible value, every day.

Does Nordstrom Rack Have A Maternity Section?

Nordstrom Rack does have a maternity section, but it’s not particularly rich. The regular Nordstrom has a way wider range of maternity items, but their prices are obviously higher.


Deals at Nordstrom come and go quickly, so make sure to check out their website frequently to find the latest promotions. Consider becoming a Nordy Club member for more savings, and also get a Nordstrom credit card if you need one!



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