MindInsole Review + Overview [Do They Work?]


If you’ve been researching insoles for pain management lately, then you’ve probably come across MindInsole reflexology insoles. Well, what’s so special about these insoles and do they even work?

MindInsole Review + Overview [Do They Work?] 1

Well, MindInsole claims to:

  • Reduce feet pain.
  • Improve overall health.
  • Increase energy levels.

In this MindInsole review, we will have a look at the promise of these insoles and their features. We’ll also try to figure out whether they would be a good investment for your needs!


How Does MindInsole Work?

MindInsole insoles mainly rely on acupressure and reflexology to relieve body pain. Aside from that, they employ very purposefully placed magnets to keep your feet cool and provide additional relaxation.

These insoles feature hundreds of acupressure points to massage your feet as you walk. You’ve got 270 small, 120 medium, and 8 large acupressure points on the insoles. There are 8 magnets as well.

The acupressure points massage key areas on your foot, which is advertised to relieve pain throughout the entire body (but especially in the feet and back).

Now, this sounds pretty cool, but do acupressure, reflexology, and magnets actually work?

Research into these forms of pain management and health improvement is in its infancy, but they do appear to be effective.


MindInsole with product box


What’s reflexology and how does it work?

Let’s start with reflexology.

Without diving too deep into its details, reflexology comes from traditional Chinese medicine. Essentially, the purpose of reflexology is to encourage the flow of “qi” or “vital energy” through the body. In Chinese medicine, stress is believed to block the “qi” energy, which leads to illness.

Via massage of feet, hands, and ears, reflexology aims to restore the flow of “qi” and bring the body back to equilibrium.

According to limited research, reflexology may [1]:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve mood and general well-being.

Some people have also reported that reflexology boosted their immune system, treated sinus issues, boosted fertility, and improved digestion, among other things.

More research is necessary into reflexology to conclusively determine whether it’s truly useful, but so far, it seems promising.

What’s acupressure and how does it work?

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but it doesn’t incorporate any needles.

Acupressure is a massage technique that helps you prevent blockage of energy flow through key points of the body, such as your feet, fingers, or ankles. This technique again comes from traditional Chinese medicine, and its premise is similar to that of reflexology.

Research into acupressure is again limited, but it might help with [2]:

  • Nausea and vomiting after surgery or chemotherapy, from motion sickness, or during pregnancy.
  • Headache, lower back pain, or postoperative pain.
  • Arthritis.
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress, especially after cancer treatment.

Does magnetism work in insoles?

There is some research into magnetism in insoles as well, but it’s not as extensive as with acupressure or reflexology.

One study published in Jama [3] has discovered no significant differences in plantar heel pain between non-magnetic and magnetic insoles. Both types of insoles appear to equally reduce plantar heel pain, so if you wear a good pair of insoles, you should be able to treat this condition whether the insoles are magnetic or non-magnetic.

With that, acupressure and reflexology are the basis of the effectiveness of MindInsole insoles, and they do appear to positively impact health. And millions of happy customers are testament to MindInsole’s effectiveness.


MindInsole against foot


Other Benefits Of The MindInsole

Although the acupressure points form the basis of MindInsole, these insoles have some other interesting benefits as well.

Cool and breathable design

MindInsole insoles are made of breathable material, and the magnets featured earlier are advertised to cool your feet as well. We aren’t quite sure how the magnets work in terms of cooling, but the insoles do indeed seem to be cool and breathable. They should also minimize sweating, but for the best effect, combine these insoles with breathable footwear.


MindInsole insoles are one-size-fits-all as well. Once you take the insoles out of the package, you may trim them around the edges to ensure that they are sitting snugly in your footwear.

What’s also nice about these insoles is that they work with any type of footwear, including but not limited to running shoes, boots, or loafers.

To trim the insoles, you could do the following:

  1. Put a piece of paper onto a flat surface.
  2. Set your shoe on the paper.
  3. Use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of the shoe’s outsole on the paper.
  4. Cut out the outline with scissors.
  5. Put the outline on top of the insole.
  6. Trace the edges of the outline right on the insole.
  7. Trim the excess material off the insole with scissors.

Lower cost than reflexology and acupressure sessions

Getting a pair of MindInsole insoles is much more cost-effective than acupressure or reflexology sessions. Expect to pay about $100 per single session of reflexology or acupuncture, whereas these insoles cost less than half their price.

Also, our readers can make sure to get the best price available on MindInsole by clicking through this link, allowing you to save even more money!


Is MindInsole Legit?

So does MindInsole work?

Well, when it comes to the science behind them, we’d say that MindInsole insoles are as legit as acupressure and reflexology are.

Research into these Chinese techniques is limited, but they do seem to be effective in reducing stress, improving energy levels, and treating foot aches.

And in terms of whether they actually work, it seems clear that MindInsole’s millions of satisfied customers suggest that they do!


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Note: The information on this page does not constitute medical advice, and MindInsole is not a ‘medical’ product that has undergone testing the way an official medical product would. Furthermore, you should always consult with your physician about any and all health-related decisions.

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