10% Off Automotive Care With The Midas Senior Discount?


A Midas location.

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Does Midas offer a senior discount?

Certain websites (such as seniordiscounter.com) claim that there is a 10% senior discount for Midas customers, however we have not been able to find any verification on this from the official Midas website.

Like many companies, however, Midas locations are franchisee-operated, and it is quite possible the majority of them do elect to give out senior discounts (make sure to contact your local Midas to find out!).

To get more info about local deals at Midas, you can also pay a visit to the coupons & offers page. Midas frequently offers discounts for oil changes, A/C services, fluid exchanges, and other services.

You could also get the no-annual-fee Midas credit card to save money. (If you don’t know what a no-annual-fee card is, read our guide!)


Interesting Fact: According to Wikipedia, Midas is one of the largest providers of automotive services in the world. It is also ranked at spot #199 on Entrepreneurs’ Franchise 500 list!


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