Does Menards Have A Senior Discount?


A Menards location.
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Menard’s is extremely popular… but the question is:

Does Menard’s Have A Senior Discount?

Sorry to disappoint you, but Menards doesn’t appear to have any senior discounts at the moment of this post’s writing…

Don’t fret, however – as there are a ton of other ways to save with Menards! Read on to find out more!

Menards Has Many Other Ways To Save!


The most famous promotion at Menards is the rebates. Here’s how the Menards rebate program works:

  1. You buy an item that is eligible for rebates, either online or in-store. When shopping in-store, your rebate number will be on the rebate receipt located at the bottom of your purchase receipt. With online purchases, the rebate receipt will be attached to the order confirmation email.
  2. Use your rebate number to obtain a rebate redemption certificate. You can do this either in-store or online.
  3. Mail the rebate redemption certificate and the rebate receipt to the address listed on the rebate redemption certificate. You may include multiple receipts with one certificate.
  4. You’ll receive a Menards merchandise credit check in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks. You can use this credit check to get a discount for your future in-store purchases. Since the credit check is a physical item, it can only be used in stores, not online.

Check out this guide on Menards’ website to get a better idea of what to do.

Active rebates can be viewed here. Once you perform the steps from above, you’ll get a credit check in the amount listed under each product on the active rebate web page.

Sometimes, Menards also runs 11% rebate deals. During these deals, you get an 11% rebate for pretty much any purchase, with some exceptions like gift cards, event tickets, or propane. You redeem the 11% rebate in the same way as regular rebates.

Menards typically doesn’t announce 11% rebate deals beforehand. Check out weekly ads at your nearby Menards to find out if there are any 11% deals running right now. These ads will give you info on other deals too.

Low price guarantee

Menards has a low price guarantee as well. If you find an identical item at a lower price from any local competitor and show its ad, Menards will match the price. There are some limitations though – check them out in the linked web page.

Sale price adjustment

It’s best to hold onto your money until a sale, but this is not always possible. However, if you purchase an item right before it goes for sale at Menards, you can get the difference back in the form of a merchandise credit check that may be used in-store.

The sale price adjustment policy at Menards will help you save if:

  • The purchase was made within 14 days prior to the start of the sale.
  • You present the original purchase receipt to the cashier.

The sale price adjustment works for 11% rebate deals as well, but there are some limitations.

Menards BIG Card

If you get the Menards BIG Card, you’ll get access to the following:

  • 2% rebate on all purchases. The rebates are issued quarterly.
  • Opportunities for extra rebates or savings.
  • 6-month financing with zero interest on purchases over $299 if paid within 6 months.
  • 48-month financing with 3.99% APR for purchases over $1,500 if paid within 48 months.

For more details on financing, check out the Menards BIG Card webpage.

Ray’s List Clearance

Ray’s List at Menards is made up of slightly used items, discontinued products, and unclaimed special orders. These go for reduced prices, so if you don’t really feel the need to buy only brand-new products, this can be a great opportunity for saving!


Interesting facts about Menards:


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