McDonald’s Senior Discount Overview


Does McDonalds have a senior discount?

In the past, we’ve talked about senior discounts in establishments such as Kohl’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. What about McDonald’s – does it offer any special deals for seniors?

Well, it appears that McDonald’s doesn’t have a nationwide senior discount policy – at least, in the United States. Most of McDonald’s ~39,000 locations throughout the world operate independently from each other, so the discount policy and deals available to seniors will vary significantly depending on where you go.

With that said, it appears that most McDonald’s locations in the United States do provide visitors aged 55 or older with discounts on coffee and beverages. Some may give you percent-off discounts, while others will offer a free drink after you purchase two.

Honestly, the best advice we could give you on McDonald’s senior discounts is to ask at the McDonald’s location that you frequently visit if they have anything for you. Even at locations that do have senior discounts, you may not be getting any deals unless you ask for them explicitly.

Also know that McDonald’s deals and discounts may significantly vary from country to country. If you live in Australia, then there’s no point in looking up deals on the US McDonald’s website.

Finally, you should download the mobile McDonald’s app for iOS or Android – there may be some exclusive deals there. As of this post’s writing, for example, US McDonald’s offered a free sandwich with the app download, one free McCafé drink after buying 5, or large fries for just a buck.

The deals and discounts listed on a country’s McDonald’s website are nationwide, so you should be getting them no matter the location.

But do note that the offers change with time, so keep an eye on the deals page and be sure to grab the discounts while they last!


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