Lumenology Motion Sensor Light – Full Review + Discount


The Lumenology Motion Sensor Light is a neat little device that promises exceptional convenience, portability, and ease of use. If you’ve tried many portable lights and have liked none, Lumenology may be the solution!

The Lumenology Motion Sensor Light on a tree.

Read on to find out what makes this motion sensor light so special in our full Lumenology Motion Sensor Light review!

What Is The Lumenology Motion Sensor Light?

The Lumenology Motion Sensor Light is pretty much what you would get if you took a standard LED lamp and seasoned it with technology and portability.

This light’s main feature is its extremely easy installation process. Its setup doesn’t involve any wiring, so there’s no need to hire a contractor to get the thing up and running.

The mounting hardware included with the Lumenology light.

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of installing a light fixture in the United States is $522 [1]. Small, simple fixtures tend to cost as little as $75, while wall-mounted lights generally cost between $90 and $250.

HomeAdvisor points out that the majority of the cost is labor. Besides, costs may vary widely depending on how easily accessible the installation location is and how much wiring work needs to be done.

With that in mind, the Lumenology Motion Sensor Light could help you save at least around $100 by just being wireless!

Permanent fixtures, of course, are more desirable in some cases, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

Next, the Lumenology light can be mounted pretty much anywhere. There are three ways to install the portable light:

  • You could use the included flexible tripod to mount the light around poles, fences, or branches. The tripod may also be used to stand the light upright on a horizontal surface.
  • If there is a metal surface around the area that needs to be illuminated, you could just stick the light onto it. The light has a built-in magnet in its base.
  • Finally, you could mount the included magnetic plate to a flat surface with the included screw and then attach the light to it.

Some of the ways to mount the light.

So essentially, the tripod is useful when you want to mount the light on non-flat surfaces, while the magnetic base and plate are intended for flat surfaces.

The light is small as well – sized at about 3.5 x 3.75 x 4.25 inches – so it doesn’t require much space for mounting.

The light is about the size of softball.

You may safely install the light both indoors and outdoors. The light is certified IP43 water-resistant, so it can withstand most outdoor conditions. More specifically, the IP43 certification means that the light is protected against [2]:

  • Solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1 mm or more (indicated by the number 4).
  • Spraying of water (indicated by the number 3), so it should withstand rain and snow.

The Lumenology light is water-resistant.

The included LED bulb is advertised to have a luminance of 148 lumens, and its light beam extends up to 42 feet away (about 12.8 meters if you prefer metric).

Note that the light is directional – it doesn’t have 360-degree coverage. However, you can rotate the light freely to adjust the illumination.

The motion detection range of the light is advertised to be at 13 feet (about 4 meters), and the detection field of view is 100 degrees.

The coverage of the light.

The Lumenology light supports 2 modes of operation – you may keep it always on, or you may set it up to only turn on when it detects motion and shut off shortly afterwards. The motion mode on is probably the best thanks to its energy efficiency.

The light is actually advertised to have 3 modes of operation, with the third one being completely off. “Off” can’t really be counted as a mode, in our opinion, which is why we wrote in the previous paragraph that the light has 2 modes.

The light has three operation modes.

What’s also quite nice about the Lumenology sensor light is that it relies on three AA batteries for operation – no proprietary power sources. So you won’t have to spend egregious amounts of money on battery replacements!

The light unfortunately doesn’t come with any batteries, so it isn’t 100% ready to use out of the box. But this shouldn’t be troublesome – AA batteries are very easy to find.

When it comes to runtime, one battery pack is advertised to last an entire year (or 1,000 activations). When in its “always on” mode, the light runs for about 8 hours.

But needless to say, the actual runtime will depend on the batteries used, as well as on how long the light is kept on.

Finally, the light is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Lumenology Motion Sensor Light Review

The Lumenology light should be useful anytime you need a portable light. It’s a good pick for illuminating garage spaces, closets, pathways, campsites, and you could even use it as a security light to scare away intruders or to accentuate the fine details of your lawn.

The Lumenology Motion Sensor Light is great as an emergency source of light as well since it runs on batteries and may be used anywhere – well, as long as the batteries aren’t out of juice and as long as you have spares!

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The main features ofthe Lumenology motion sensor light.

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