Is There A Luby’s Senior Discount? (+ Top Ways To Save!)


Is there a Luby's senior discount?
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Looking to spend less money with Luby’s? Find out how below!

Is There A Luby’s Senior Discount?

Luby’s, regrettably, doesn’t have any official senior discount programs, so you are at the mercy of each individual Luby’s location. Since most Luby’s restaurants are operated by franchisees, terms and prices can noticeably vary between them.

Call your nearest Luby’s ahead of time to make sure that they have a senior discount for you.

Although Luby’s has no official senior discount policies, some third-party websites – like Discounts for Seniors or First Quarter Finance – have shared some interesting details.

Discounts for Seniors claims that Luby’s offers 10% to 20% off deals for seniors aged 50 and up. At the same time, First Quarter Finance shares that only a small number of Luby’s restaurants give a 10% discount.

Instead, at most Luby’s locations, seniors only get a lower price for the LuAnn meal – from $7.99 to $6.49 or $5.99. LuAnn is one of Luby’s most famous meals, and it even inspired Mike Judge, the creator of the “King of the Hill” animated sitcom, to name one of the characters Luanne Platter.

The minimum age for the discount is 55 at some locations and 65 at others. You won’t necessarily be asked for an ID to confirm your age, but you should have your identification on you just in case.

Considering these discrepancies in discount terms between Luby’s restaurants, you should get in touch with your local Luby’s and ask them for details.

Any Other Ways To Save Money With Luby’s?

Piles of coins.

Luby’s is rather unremarkable when it comes to savings programs – we’ve seen much better, to be completely honest.

Perhaps the best way to save with Luby’s is to become a member of its eClub. Luby’s eClub members get an early peek into promotions and special offers, and they also periodically receive coupons.

Another way to save a few cents is ordering kid’s meals. If you aren’t a heavy eater, then the small portions will allow you to control your calorie intake and spend less money on food.


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