Is There A Kroger Senior Discount?


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Wondering if Kroger has senior discounts? You’ll find the answers below – along with some tips for saving with Kroger!

Kroger Senior Discount Policy

As of January 2021, Kroger did not have any active senior discount programs.

Kroger actually used to have a senior discount policy, but not anymore.

In the early 2000s, Kroger came up with a senior discount policy that offered 10% discounts on the first Wednesday of the month for seniors aged over 59. In 2014, the company reduced the discount to 5% and shifted it to every Thursday.

In 2017, the Louisville division of Kroger lowered the prices of more than 3,000 food products at 94 stores. At the same time, the company set out to eliminate the senior discount program.

We should note that the price reductions in 2017 were quite substantial. As an example, red seedless grapes went from $2.59 to $0.88 per pound, while sweet red cherries got knocked down from $4.99 to $2.99 per pound.

With all that said, you should still call your nearby Kroger and inquire about senior discounts. Reportedly, some locations still offer 10% off on the first Tuesday of the month.


Other Ways To Save With Kroger

In case you didn’t have much luck with senior discounts at Kroger, know that you still have ways to save. Here are four.

Digital coupons

Kroger offers a wide range of digital coupons that you may save with. Have a look at available digital coupons here.

To redeem a digital coupon, you need to add it to your Kroger account using the Kroger website or mobile app. Then, when purchasing eligible items online or in-store, you need to enter your Alt ID or scan your Shopper’s Card on checkout.

For more details on how to make use of digital coupons, have a look at Kroger’s coupon FAQ page.

Cash Back

Another way to save money is the Cash Back program. It works in essentially the same way as digital coupons. You should find deals that interest you on the Cash Back page and add them to your account – when you make a qualifying purchase, you will start getting money back.

According to Kroger’s Cash Back FAQ page, you may use the rewards for future purchases or cash them out to your PayPal account.

Fuel Points program

With the Fuel Points program, you can save money on fuel at participating fuel centers. You get 1 Fuel Point for each $1 spent, and every 100 Fuel Points get you 10 cents off per gallon of fuel!

For more info, you should have a look at Kroger’s FAQ page.

Weekly deals

Finally, keep an eye on weekly ads for your location – you can find quite a few deals there!


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