Kohl’s Senior Discount Is A Must See!


The front entrance of a Kohl's location.

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Did you know that Kohl’s offers a 15% senior discount to visitors aged 60 or older? Well, if you didn’t, don’t forget to use it the next time you visit a Kohl’s location!

Now, the Kohl’s senior discount has some limitations – it’s only active in store on Wednesday, and it’s only for customers aged 60 or older. To get the 15% discount, you will need to have identification with you to confirm your age.

[Remarkably, Kohl’s writes that the discount is for “customers aged 60 or better” on its website. This is a funny typo, although perhaps Kohl’s shows its appreciation of seniors this way!]

Note that the Kohl’s senior discount can’t be combined with other percent-off discounts, and it also isn’t available for some categories of products, such as sporting goods, toys, or products from brands such as Columbia and Dyson.

For a full list of ineligible products, check out Kohl’s “Exclusions” page or ask at your local Kohl’s store.

The discount also can’t be applied to payments on a Kohl’s Card account, shipping/handling fees, or taxes.

According to the National Retail Federation, Kohl’s was the #24 retailer by worldwide retail sales in 2019, amounting to $18.92 billion. This was a slight decline compared to 2018. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s possible they may see a similar decline in 2020.


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