Does KFC Have A Senior Discount?



KFC fries and chicken nuggets.

Are you a frequent visitor of one of KFC’s 22,600 locations? You might be looking for ways to save money with this fast-food chain!

KFC doesn’t appear to have nationwide senior discounts, but some of its locations reportedly do offer special deals for seniors. Most KFC locations in the US have 5 to 10% discounts for seniors aged 55 or more. You just have to show a valid ID to be eligible for a senior deal.

Some locations offer a free drink with each purchase instead.

Aside from senior discounts, also keep an eye on the promotions that KFC runs occasionally. In some countries (like Australia or the UK), you can get access to more deals in the mobile KFC app too. Each country has its own KFC app, so make sure to download the right thing.

Bizarrely, the US KFC doesn’t seem to have an app, so you don’t get access to any exclusive deals. And this is despite the fact that the US has the second highest number of KFC locations in the world after China.

Anyway, keep in mind that deals may vary not only from location to location within a country but also from country to country. For the latest details, call your KFC restaurant beforehand.


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