Save 40% On This Amazing Keychain Organizer! [KeySmart]


Today, your item checklist for going out probably includes items like your smartphone, a bunch of keys, your wallet, and a mask (thanks COVID-19!). Having so many things to remember, it’s quite easy to one day forget to take your car keys or ID.

KeySmart with several keys attached.


Well, if this happens to you often, then KeySmart might be an excellent investment for you!

What Is KeySmart And What Can It Do For You?

This brilliant little device has set out to help you never forget keys or other small items by keeping them all in one place and organized.

KeySmart kind of looks like a Swiss army knife, but instead of blades, it’s designed to hold your keys.

Even though KeySmart has a super-simple design, it’s remarkably functional and can do much more for you than you think!

keysmart gif

Safe storage for 8 keys + car key fobs

With KeySmart, you may store up to 8 keys in one place. You may also attach your car key fob to the KeySmart via the provided holder loop. This should be enough for pretty much anyone! Even if you have more than 8 keys, you could simply purchase more than one KeySmart organizer.

Notably, you don’t need any tools to assemble or disassemble KeySmart to adjust your key collection. It takes just a few seconds to attach keys or accessories!

KeySmart is also designed to fit most keys, so no matter how large or small your keys are, you should be able to safely store them all with this smart key organizer.

Tough construction

KeySmart is also made remarkably tough, featuring a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Physical abuse will not be a challenge for this key organizer. Not only that, but aluminum and stainless steel are corrosion-resistant as well!

KeySmart is surprisingly light too – just about 0.3 ounces – so it won’t be adding much extra weight to your pocket.

There is also a titanium version of KeySmart available. The titanium KeySmart is gorgeously sleek, and even though the added strength may not be practical for the key organizer’s use cases, it’s a great buy if you want to make a statement.

Nearly endless customizability

KeySmart with a bottle opener attachment.

What we also love about KeySmart is how customizable it is via accessories. You may customize this thing on your own if you want, or you may order a few add-ons for it.

Among the accessories that you may add to KeySmart at checkout are:

  • A 16 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive.
  • A bottle opener.
  • A super-compact stainless steel flashlight.
  • A pocket clip so that you can secure the key organizer in your pocket.
  • A quick-disconnect attachment that allows you to clip KeySmart to backpacks, pants, or any other item that has accessory loops.
  • The titanium upgrade that we mentioned earlier.

Two KeySmarts with a different number of attached keys.

Get 40% Off KeySmart Right Now!

If you buy KeySmart right now, you will get access to exclusive discounts! More specifically:

  • Buy 2 KeySmart organizers and get one more for free.
  • Buy 3 KeySmart organizers and get 2 more for free.
  • Finally, buy 4 KeySmart organizers and get 3 for free.

Notably, you may choose add-ons for each included KeySmart individually at checkout!


Get KeySmart Today!



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