HeatCore Personal Heater Review + Overview


If you want to make your home cozier and warmer without splurging out too much, a revolutionary new personal heater like HeatCore may be an excellent choice. HeatCore offers outstanding value for your money, and it also is one of the safest space heaters you can find on the market.

A graphical demonstration of HeatCore employing fan-assisted heating.

But why would you want to spend your money on HeatCore rather than on one of the hundreds of other space heaters available out there? You’ll have to read our overview to find out!

Space Heaters Are A Leading Cause Of Home Fires

The highlight of the HeatCore personal heater is that it’s far safer than your typical space heater.

When shopping for a space heater, some people neglect the safety factor and instead overly focus on features like the number of fan speeds or smart connectivity. Such an approach is a big mistake – you should try to get the safest heater you can within your budget.

A report by the National Fire Protection Association on home fires involving heating equipment perfectly demonstrates why space heater safety is crucial.

Between 2012 to 2016, heating equipment accounted for 15% of reported home fires (second behind cooking equipment) and 19% of home fire deaths (third behind smoking materials and cooking equipment) [1].

Local fire departments responded to an average of 52,050 fires involving heaters per year between 2012 and 2016. These fires led to 1,400 civilian injuries, 490 civilian deaths, and $1 billion in direct property damage annually.

Space heaters have been the most common cause of fires in 2012-2016. Two out of five fires in this period have been caused by space heaters. Even worse, 54% of direct property damage, 78% of civilian injuries, and 86% of civilian deaths were associated with space heaters.

The leading factor contributing to fires was failure to clean (27%), followed by mechanical failure (16%), proximity to combustible materials (15%), electrical failure or malfunction (9%), and unattended equipment (7%).

The leading cause for civilian injuries was proximity to combustibles (30%) followed by unattended equipment (21%).

As for civilian deaths, the leading contributing factor again was proximity to combustibles (a whopping 54%) followed by unattended equipment (13%).

HeatCore Is Safer Than The Typical Space Heater

The parts and components of HeatCore.

How is all this relevant to the HeatCore personal heater? Well, it has features that may dramatically reduce the risk of fire in your home.

It goes without saying that it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your heater and keep it away from combustible items and materials. But still, HeatCore makes matters easy for you thanks to the following features:

  • Safe ceramic technology. Ceramic space heaters use electricity to heat up their heating elements [2]. Then, an internal fan helps the unit circulate the air and disperse the heat throughout the room.
  • Cool-to-the-touch housing. The ceramic heating plate of HeatCore is placed inside the device, behind its plastic housing. The plastic housing does not heat up, so the HeatCore personal heater is safe to the touch and is less likely to ignite combustible materials upon contact. Ceramic heating elements usually don’t get hot enough to cause a burn or start a fire as well.
  • Adjustable timer. HeatCore has a timer feature that allows you to set the heater to run from 1 to 3 hours and then shut off. So even if you forget to turn HeatCore off, it is unlikely to spark a fire since it’ll shut down on its own after the set time has elapsed.
  • Tip-over shutoff. HeatCore automatically shuts off if tipped over. This is a feature that many of the budget space heaters lack, and it can literally be a lifesaver if you have pets or children.
  • Safety switch. The HeatCore space heater has a safety switch at the back. When the switch button is inactive, pressing the buttons on the front control panel will do nothing. To turn the heater on, you need to first press the safety button at the back.
  • Wide pedestal. The safety switch is a really nice feature, but thanks to the extra-wide base, the switch probably won’t ever have to save your day! HeatCore is really hard to tip over.
The safety switch of HeatCore.
The safety switch of HeatCore.

HeatCore Boasts The Wonders Of Ceramic Heating Technology

HeatCore promises to warm you up in no time!

As a convective ceramic space heater, HeatCore gives you access to all the benefits of ceramic heating technology [3]:

  • Accurate and nearly instant heat thanks to the built-in fan. The fan has several speed settings to allow you to adjust the amount of heat and noise that the unit produces.
  • Quick cooldown – once you turn the heater off, the heat flow stops.
  • Since ceramic heaters are generally smaller than other space heaters, they are easier to carry.

All this makes HeatCore excellent for spot heating. If you feel cold but your husband or wife doesn’t, then you may just direct the heater at yourself – you’ll receive the much-needed warmth without disturbing others.

Besides, if you want a heater for your garage, then HeatCore should work very nicely too – it’s portable and doesn’t produce dangerous fumes.

HeatCore Could Help You Save Money

As a personal heater, not only is HeatCore compact, but it could also help you save money.

Upfront, HeatCore (like other ceramic space heaters) is cheaper than comparable space heaters using different technology – most notably, oil-filled radiant heaters. Furthermore, HeatCore isn’t going to hit your pocket as heavily as an upgrade of your entire HVAC system – although if you want efficient entire-home heating AND cooling, HVAC systems are very hard to beat.

The upfront costs aside, HeatCore is cheaper to run than HVAC systems. If you feel cold, you don’t need to turn up your entire system and waste energy – just place the HeatCore where it’s needed and turn it on. You’ll get warm without consuming too much electricity.

HeatCore Can Purify Your Home Air

HeatCore's removable filter.

Remarkably, HeatCore also comes with an antimicrobial filter. As the air is forced through the heater by the fan, it gets cleared of dust, bacteria, mold, and foul odors. At least, this is what the filter is advertised to do.

However, if you have poor air quality at your home, we suggest that you look for a HEPA air purifier instead. HeatCore’s air filter probably won’t handle severe air pollution, but it should be fine if you have minor air quality issues.

Buy HeatCore Now And Save Up To 55%!

At the moment of this review’s writing, HeatCore was available at 35% off! If the offer is still live, then this might be your chance to get your hands on HeatCore!

The same 35% discount was available for two HeatCores as well.

If you want more than two space heaters, then you will get 51% off if you buy three HeatCores and 55% off if you purchase four!

HeatCore is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back too!

Click the green button below to claim your Heatcore discount now!

Stay Toasty Warm With Heatcore! > > >



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