Hamrick’s Senior Discount Info (+ Ways To Save!)


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Does Hamrick’s discount its prices for seniors? Read on to find that out!

Hamrick’s generally offers clothing items for a pretty low price, but saving a few cents can have a rather big impact on your spending over the long term. This guide will hopefully help you optimize your money spending at Hamrick’s locations!

Does Hamrick’s Have A Senior Discount?

Hamrick’s does not have a nationwide senior discount policy, but this may vary from location to location. One third-party source claims that Hamrick’s runs senior discounts on Tuesdays.

Since there are no official senior discount programs at Hamrick’s, take this information with a grain of salt and call your nearest Hamrick’s for more details.

Any Other Ways To Save With Hamrick’s?

Hamrick’s has a few other ways of saving, if you are still committed to buying from them. But to be honest, compared to what we’ve seen at other store chains, Hamrick’s savings program seems underwhelming, though you do have some options.

More card

So first up, you could sign up for the Hamrick’s More card. This card gives you access to special deals, savings, and weekend coupon events throughout the year. You’ll also be notified of promotions early via email.

Bus Week

The Bus Week coupon program is aimed at rewarding groups that visit Hamrick’s for shopping.

To qualify for Bus Week coupons, your group must have 11 or more passengers. Each passenger will receive a 10%-off coupon for the day of the visit.

One hostess and one driver receive separate coupons as well. The bus driver gets a $20 coupon, while the hostess coupon value depends on the number of passengers:

  • 11 to 20 passengers – $20 coupon.
  • 21 to 40 passengers – $30 coupon.
  • 41 to 100 passengers – $40 coupon.

Weekly Specials

And finally, you should keep an eye on weekly specials. To do that, either join Hamrick’s email list or have a look at the latest Hamrick’s TV commercials on the store chain’s YouTube channel. The commercials look something like this:


This particular offer ran from December 20 to 24, 2020, so it’s no longer live.

You should also perhaps check Hamrick’s Wikipedia page – it’s underdeveloped now, but it could contain useful info for discounts at some point in the future.


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