Gunpowder Scented Candle (Really!)


A jar with the gunpowder-scented soy candle.

By EarthsEssenceNC on Etsy.

We like weird and interesting things, like super-hot tortilla chips that threaten to burn your mouth or brutally difficult jigsaw puzzles. But what we are going to talk about below is perhaps the coolest ‘bizarre product’ we’ve seen – at least, so far.

Meet a gunpowder-scented candle from a seller under the name of EarthsEssenceNC we stumbled upon on Etsy!

Generally, people buy scented candles to relax and add coziness to their homes. Scented candles are sometimes used to mask other odors – like smoke or pet smells – whereas this one specifically smells “like spent shells and smoke”, appealing to the nostalgic nasal memories of every gun enthusiast!

This gunpowder-scented candle makes for a brilliant gift for a gun lover or for father’s day. Aside from that, it’s the perfect ‘silly gift’ for those seeking a laugh!

Some people may also genuinely like the scent of gunpowder, and will enjoy actually using this thing on a day-to-day basis in their homes.

The scent aside, it’s nice that this scented candle is made from soy wax too. Soy candles are generally considered safer than paraffin candles because they contain less soot and toxic chemicals. They typically burn cleaner and longer too.

The seller advertises that the candle is paraben- and phthalate-free as well. These are generally thought to be bad for health, but more research is necessary for definite conclusions. If you are interested, read more about parabens on the FDA website and phthalates on WebMD. Either way, we appreciate the seller keeping them out of the ingredient list and staying as natural as possible!

Brilliant gifts for men are hard to come by, and we VERY MUCH appreciate the genius idea behind this candle. And with 27 reviews of the candle itself and 1400 of the Esty shop it comes from- all averaging 5 stars- it seems most everyone else agrees too!


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