When Is National Gorgeous Grandma Day? [And What Is It?!?]


A smiling senior woman against a background of flowers.

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Grandparents’ Day are well-known holidays that are celebrated across the world. These days are marked with festivities and family gatherings (and shopping junkies even get to save money with Father’s or Mother’s Day discounts!).

But what about National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

This unofficial holiday emerged fairly recently, and not many people are even aware of its existence…

However if you think that grandmothers aren’t appreciated and celebrated enough, then you will surely like National Gorgeous Grandma Day!

What Is National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

Alice Solomon came up with National Gorgeous Grandma Day in 1984 after graduating from Wellesley College at the age of 50.

Convinced that senior women were viewed as no longer useful or relevant for society, Solomon set out to change this belief. She suggested the notion of “gorgeous grandma” in order to get rid of the stereotypes surrounding elderly women and show that they can still live to the fullest, whether it be professionally or romantically.

Woman and gma. Px.
No one symbolizes love like a grandma does 🙂

When Is National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated on July 23.

This day seems not to have become a holiday that is celebrated nationwide (at least not yet), but it may lead you to appreciate your mom, grandmother, or wife more, and it could help grandmothers themselves proudly recognize their age while staying active and confident in their lifestyles.

Grandmothers can be very different – some grandmothers are adept at modern technology, follow the latest trends, and wear the most modern styles, whereas others prefer to bake cookies and radiate “good old days” nostalgia. Both are wonderful – and no matter what your lifestyle is, National Gorgeous Grandma Day encourages you to embrace your age and recognize that life is better than ever during your golden years! You can watch movies, go on dates, feel gorgeous, and have fun just like in your 20s!

We all have our reasons for loving grandmas…

For some, it’s their unconditional love.

For others, it’s their amazing baking.

Others still love their time spent doing crafts and puzzles with their grandma.

Others think its admirable and entertaining how grandmothers are so honest and have “no filter”, and can say whatever comes to mind.

And of course, grandmas make the best foods in the world. You have probably always left your grandmother’s home with your belly full and your taste buds in delight!

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is July 23rd each year.
National Gorgeous Grandma Day is July 23rd each year.

How To Celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

There appear to be no special protocols for the celebration of National Gorgeous Grandma Day, so there are no hard rules.

If you are looking to surprise your grandmother or senior wife, the only thing you need to do is to make her feel special. Tell her how gorgeous she is or take her shopping for new attire.

And if you are the grandmother, then appreciate what you have and revel in your age! True, there may be things you miss about your 20s or 30s, but there’s probably things you love about being a senior too!

Overall, life continues, and we should all try to enjoy every second of it – that’s our understanding of Gorgeous Grandma’s Day!


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