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Some seniors don’t know what to do when they retire. But luckily there is no shortage of options!

We suggest that golf is one of the best activities to try!

According to golf:

encourages seniors to socialize, players usually stick with it and it improves concentration and quality of life. Preliminary study results suggest that golf intervention improves seniors’ walking and standing ability, balance, strength and cognitive processing (actions like paying attention and remembering).

If you want to start learning golf today, you may want to subscribe to one of the YouTube channels that offers video tutorials about golf. One of those channels is Kirk Junge YouTube Channel.

We think that this channel is a great source for seniors who want to try golf as their new physical activity, so we will be profiling it in this article!


Who Is Kirk Junge?

Courtesy of Kirk Junge Twitter Profile.

Kirk Junge is the CEO and lead instructor for SetUp4Impact. A website where he offers golf courses, tutorials, private lessons, and blogs.

He began to play golf as early as 5 years old, and after being successful in his Junior Golf career he became a professional in 1986.

As stated in his website,

In 2005, Kirk set his sights on creating a simpler golf swing, which led to the creation of Setup 4 Impact Golf. Using his 20+ years of golf instruction experience and his knowledge of the Single Plane Golf Swing, Kirk worked to create a golf swing that would be easy on the body, repeatable and powerful for any age golfer. Setup 4 Impact golf began on YouTube where he quickly gained subscribers. Setup 4 Impact Golf now offers free instructional tips, website memberships and golf schools designed to teach a simple, repeatable Single Plane Golf Swing that has helped thousands of golfers worldwide take control of their game and play better golf. His instruction is based on research, slow motion video and club and ball data provided by the world class golf technology of FlightScope X3.

Together with Kirk, Dr. Sharon Barley and Tony Griffin also work as an instructor for SetUp4Impact.

The main goal of Kirk Junge is,

to help golfers improve their game as quickly as possible. Overnight improvement is the number one goal of Setup 4 Impact, helping golfers avoid getting worse before getting better.


What Is Kirk Junge YouTube Channel?

youtube channel
Courtesy of his YouTube Channel.

Kirk Junge has been on YouTube since April 3, 2006, and as of the time of this writing has approximately 50.1K subscribers and 13,117,759 total views.

His channel provides tutorials to learn the easiest golf swing. According to him,

My Single Plane golf swing which I call “Setup 4 Impact” is easier because I teach you how to set up on your impact plane. This requires less effort to hit a great golf shot.This is the best golf swing for fast improvement. You will also see videos of Bryson DeChambeau and Moe Norman. There are many similarities between their golf swings and what I teach but differences as well. I customize the simple concept to fit each individual golfer. Watch my videos to see how simple you can make a golf swing.

One of the reviews in regarding his instructional video and lesson was:

“I have taken hundreds of hours of lessons in my 71 years and I think these 3 days surpassed any instruction that I have ever received. If my progress after practicing your drills and completing this school is any indication, I am sold on this technique. Bottom line, after 3 days I walked away with no question unanswered about swing theory, equipment, training aids, practice and mental aspects of golf.” – PAUL S.


Most Popular Videos

Courtesy of Kirk Junge YouTube Channel.

Some of the videos in the channel include single plane golf swing, Dr Kwon step drill, lag shot golf, Bryson DeChambeau driver analysis, live golf tips, and many more.

And as of right now, the five most popular videos on the channel are:

Moe Norman shows his Master Move, Vertical Drop, Coin Drill. Golf swing instruction” with 1,958,043 views.

1994 Moe Norman golf swing demo – Interview – (Part 2 of 2)” with 1,408,954 views.

1994 Moe Norman golf swing demo – PGA Interview (part 1 of 2)” with 1,054,545 views.

The Easiest Golf Swing to Learn – The Single Plane Golf swing” with 438,670 views.

Single Plane Golf Swing – Demo and Tips.” with 383,381 views.

The said videos are embedded below:






Online Presence And Publicity

Courtesy of his Instagram Profile.

Kirk Junge is present in social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you want to avail his courses, private lessons, or if you are interested in the blogs about golf, visit their websites and

And for the video contents about golf, especially golf swing and other tips and techniques, watch and subscribe to the YouTube channel of Kirk Junge.



We hope this article has been helpful as we believe Kirk Junge YouTube Channel is a great resource for seniors!

Find out more by subscribing and watching videos on the YouTube Channel and also by visiting the websites listed above.




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