Coolest Gift Ever: Golf Ball Cannon


The mighty golf ball mortar.

Looking for a cool gift for a golf junkie or history lover?

This golf ball cannon/mortar on Amazon may be for you!

Most folks will probably just use it for decoration, but it’s fully functional and can really be used for shooting golf balls! But needless to say, you should be very careful with the cannon if you are intending to use it for this purpose 🙂

Using the golf ball cannon is pretty simple, but we wouldn’t say it’s easy. You need a fuse that is long enough to ensure a burn time of 20 seconds (as suggested by the seller, ButterfieldMachine). Besides, the seller recommends only using black powder with the cannon – smokeless gunpowder may blow the thing up. Preferably, use cannon-grade FG or FFG powder.

And, of course, follow common sense and safety procedures when shooting the cannon. More precisely:

  • Only fire the mortar if you can determine where the projectile will land.
  • Make sure that there is no one on the line of fire before firing.
  • Wear eye and ear protection.
  • Designate a safety area. All spectators and you should be in this area after the fuse is lighted up.

The shot distance in this cannon should be short due to the short barrel, but you should be careful nonetheless.

By the way, this one actually isn’t the only golf ball cannon out there – you can find many others. American Cannons, for example, offers cannons with interchangeable barrels of different lengths. So you can play around with shot distances without having to purchase a new cannon.

But if you want to enjoy Amazon benefits – like free shipping, Prime perks, and easy returns – then you may want to stick to the cannon offered by ButterfieldMachine.

Either way, we can think of few cooler gifts than one’s very own golf ball cannon!


PS: If you’re skeptical such a contraption could work, here’s a video from a number of years ago on YouTube showing a similar cannon in action:




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