Is There A Food Lion Senior Discount? (+ Other Ways To Save!)


A Food Lion store.
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Food Lion is one of the most sustainable companies in the US. But is it as easy on your wallet as it is on the environment? Let’s find out in our Food Lion savings guide!

Is There A Food Lion Senior Discount?

Unfortunately, Food Lion doesn’t appear to have a senior discount program of any kind. You should ask at your local Food Lion just in case, but they probably won’t have any senior-focused deals.

Does Food Lion Have Sales?

Yes, Food Lion has sales every week. Navigate to the “weekly specials” web page on the Food Lion website, type in your ZIP code, and find your store to view available deals.

Aside from weekly deals, Food Lion also has a loyalty program called MVP. MVP members get exclusive deals, lower prices for items they buy frequently, as well as email and text notifications for new promotions.

Two membership tiers are available – MVP and MVP Online. Owners of a digital MVP account get access to extra benefits, like digital coupons and Shop & Earn rewards.

Food Lion MVP loyalty program tiers.

With Shop & Earn, MVP Online members get special personalized deals that earn them rewards. The rewards can be used toward future purchases or donated to others.

To get an MVP card, you’ll need to sign up for it on the Food Lion website.

Does Food Lion Have Digital Coupons?

Food Lion digital coupons.

Yes, Food Lion does have digital coupons. You may view available coupons on the Food Lion website. To be able to use digital coupons, you will need to add them to your Food Lion MVP account. Alternatively, you could print the coupons and show them at checkout.

Does Food Lion Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Yes, according to Food Lion’s coupon policy, the company does accept manufacturer and store coupons obtained from the internet, newspapers, flyers, and elsewhere. Food Lion also accepts competitor coupons.

There are certain exceptions though, including:

  • Food Lion doesn’t accept competitor digital coupons or coupons obtained through a competitor’s loyalty program.
  • Expired coupons are not accepted.
  • Only one coupon is allowed per item, so you can’t stack coupons with Food Lion.
  • A maximum of 10 of the same coupon can be used when 10 eligible items are purchased.

Does Food Lion Have Double Coupon Days?

No, Food Lion doesn’t allow coupon stacking. You can apply only one coupon per item, and you can only use 10 of the same coupon when buying 10 eligible items.


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