10 Free Exercise Videos For Seniors (Click Here To Watch!)


Best exercise videos for seniors.

Looking for free fitness videos for seniors? In this day and age, it’s actually not too difficult to find them! You just have to visit YouTube and search for “exercise videos for seniors”, or something along those lines. YouTube will then pick hundreds and perhaps even thousands of videos for you to watch!

If you don’t have time to go through them all, our list of 10 excellent free online exercise videos for seniors will come in handy!

10 Great Free Exercise Videos For Seniors

1. Seated Exercises For Older Adults

If you can jog, swim, or participate in equally energetic activities, great – you are in better health than many retirees!

According to a US Census Bureau report covering the period between 2008 and 2012, nearly 40% of people aged 65 and up have at least one disability. Two-thirds of these people had difficulty walking or climbing, making mobility issues the most common disability among older Americans.

But even if you aren’t in your best shape, know that there are plenty of other things you can do to stay in motion!

Seated exercises are among the most senior-friendly ways of improving posture, strength, or just ensuring that you achieve those 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week (as recommended by the US Department of Health).

2. 5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily

This video from the Bob & Brad health channel features 5 exercises that seniors should do every day. The exercises are super-simple and need nothing more than a chair, wall, and a ball. Have a look yourself!

3. Top 10 Balance Exercises For Seniors at Home. STOP FALLS.

Yet another video from Bob & Brad – this time, the focus is on balance. The exercises are again very simple, but they can go a long way toward helping you stay on your feet and prevent falls.

4. Most Important Exercise For Seniors To Master

The squat is a fundamental motion in many sports. It’s a key exercise for powerlifters and weightlifters (since their athletic movements incorporate squats in one form or another). Squats are even used in basketball – in more than 99% of vertical jump training programs, in fact.

Additionally, the squat mimics the natural motion of sitting down and standing up – something we have to do dozens of times throughout the day.

Seniors should squat to the best of their abilities, and the video above will show you how.

But no matter how useful, squats are just part of strength training. This video from Barbell Logic explains why strength training is very important for seniors, allowing them to preserve and even improve their bodily function.

5. GREAT 20 minute exercise workout for beginners and seniors!!

In addition to strength training, seniors should perform cardiovascular exercise as well. This video by Jenny McClendon gives a sample 20-minute program for you to try out!

6. Gentle Yoga For Seniors – 1 Hour Hatha Class

Yoga can be pretty strenuous, but some forms of yoga are more elderly-friendly than others. Focusing on meditation and breathing, Hatha yoga is one of them.

The video above contains over an hour of Hatha yoga tips for seniors – make sure to watch it thoroughly!

7. Yoga For Seniors | Slow And Gentle Yoga

This is yet another yoga guide for seniors. It’s just about half an hour long, but it should still provide you with great insight into what you could incorporate into your yoga program.

8. Dead Bug Core Exercise – 3 Progressions

The dead bug is a wonderful core strength and stability exercise in that it is gentle enough to be safely practiced by seniors. Several variations of the dead bug exist (displayed in the video above), allowing you to ramp up the difficulty as you become better at the exercise.

9. Cat Cow Pose

The cat cow exercise allows you to relieve tension in your spine, neck, shoulders, and torso. The simplicity of the cat cow makes it a must in every senior’s fitness arsenal.

10. How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise | Abs Workout

According to Healthline, bird dog’s health benefits include low back pain relief and improved stability. The bird dog also helps you maintain a neutral spine, which can be helpful if you have backaches.

What Is The Best Exercise For Someone Over 60?

Senior people have different abilities and restrictions, so there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to exercise. Some seniors may have to start with very gentle and slow exercises, while others will be able to jump straight into strength training and cardio.

To hopefully find the best senior exercises, read our other exercise guides – links below!



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