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According to the Health Policy Institute, nearly 65 million Americans report a recent back pain episode [1]. 16 million adults – or 8% of all adults – experience chronic back pain, which limits them in certain everyday activities.

Back To Life physical edition.

Back pain is the sixth most costly medical condition in the US as well – annual costs and indirect costs associated with it are over $12 billion.

And perhaps worst of all, back pain affects adults of all ages – 41% of adults with back pain are aged from 18 to 44 years, compared to 54% of all adults.

And statistics are similar in many other countries.

In fact, the ACA estimates that 80% of all individuals experience back problems at some point in their life[2].

It’s clear that back pain is a huge problem, both in terms of health and financial stability. Back pain in some cases requires medical treatment, but it can be costly and unattainable for many. Furthermore, chronic back pain can also interfere with employment and the ability to earn an income, not to mention the negative impacts it can have on one’s quality of life.

If you suffer from back pain, one resource you may wish to learn more about is the Erase My Back Pain program from Emily Lark.

Erase My Back Pain (also known as the ‘Back To Life’ system) is a special information product designed to help people of all ages- including seniors- get relief from back pain and sciatica, through extremely specific stretching exercises and wellness strategies.

Lark’s presentation has been seen by millions of people the world over at this point, and has produced massive number of firsthand testimonials from people who claim it has helped them get relief from back pain.

A screenshot of the Erase My Back Pain video presentation by Emily Lark.
Screenshot from the Erase My Back Pain video presentation by Emily Lark.



Who Is Emily Lark?

There’s not a ton of information available online about the background of Emily Lark, but we did stumble across a report on her on, the online business encyclopedia. OBpedia’s post is more aimed at the entrepreneurial side of Emily Lark, but it also contained information useful for the purpose of our overview.

It explains that (as noted above) Emily Lark is best known for her Erase My Back Pain program, also known as ‘Back To Life’. This program is a system of stretches and wellness exercises aimed to treat back pain and correct postural imbalances. We’ll cover the program more in-depth below.

The article reports that Emily Lark has been a top fitness and wellness coach for over a decade. Throughout the years, her down-to-earth and dynamic coaching style has allowed her to rapidly grow a fan base of those who found her teachings helpful.

Lark’s experience in yoga, Pilates, and fitness enabled her to eventually come up with her own system of stretches that we know under the name Erase My Back Pain or Back To Life.

As Lark states in the video below, she was prompted to develop the program by her own chronic back pain that had tortured her for many years. She wanted to naturally heal herself without resorting to surgery.

Before actually releasing the DVD version of her program, Lark had taught her method at her studio for about 10 years. In 2017, she decided to make the program available online via ClickBank – a global internet retailer well-known for curating information products.

Within just the first year, the program was purchased by over 100,000 people (to Emily Lark’s great surprise, apparently!).

In the below video, Lark goes over the details of her own journey:

-What led to her debilitating back pain;

-The impact it had on her;

-How she eventually found relief for it; and

-How she then went about sharing the same strategy with others.


Erase My Back Pain Review + Overview

Erase My Back Pain reviews have been predominantly positive, and the program does indeed appear to relieve back pain. You can find a few testimonials for the program below.

Back To Life testimonials.

What Is Erase My Back Pain?

As noted above, Erase My Back Pain is a system of stretches and exercises designed to relieve chronic back pain and sciatica. Aside from that, the program is advertised to help you:

  • Maintain mobility and flexibility.
  • Improve posture.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Avoid taking prescription medicine or undergo surgery.
  • Save time and money on doctor appointments and therapies.

Erase My Back Pain is available in physical and digital formats. The physical edition includes:

  • DVD stretching and exercise guide.
  • A healthy back checklist.
  • A printed companion manual.

The DVD guide includes 3 so-called “levels”:

  • Level 1: 10-minute health back chair routine.
  • Level 2: Intermediate stretches and strength work.
  • Level 3: Advanced stretching and strengthening.

All this info is available in the digital version of the product as well.

The program requires just a few minutes of commitment a day. The Erase My Back Pain 30-second stretches, sciatica stretches, and exercises are simple and may be done anywhere.

And unlike other back pain treatment programs, Erase My Back Pain is advertised to treat the root cause of back pain, rather than just the symptoms, and provide long-term relief.

How Much Is The Erase My Back Pain Program?

The contents of Back To Life physical edition.

At the moment of this overview’s writing, Erase My Back Pain/Back To Life was priced at $37 both for the digital and physical editions. The regular price of the program is $99.95, so it appears to be discounted now.

The price of the physical version doesn’t include shipping and handling – that’s another $12.99.

You can also choose the Erase My Back Pain PDF version. It doesn’t incur any shipping and handling fees, and it gets delivered to you nearly instantly.

We would recommend going this route rather than getting the physical version in the mail. Plus, how many people still have a DVD disc drive on their computer? These days, computer brands tend to ditch the disc drive altogether for the sake of simplicity and compactness.

But undeniably, some people will prefer the physical version despite the added cost and shipping times.

Is It Legit?

Yes. Erase My Back Pain is a real product, sold by a real person under their actual name (Emily Lark).

Obviously the quality of the product is subjective, and each individual will regard it differently, but there is no doubt that a significant number of people have credited it with helping their back pain.

Logistically, Erase My Back Pain is primarily sold via ClickBank – an internet retailer of physical and digital products. ClickBank is particularly popular with performance marketers and has paid $2 billion in total revenue to marketers and product vendors from 1998 to 2011 [2].

ClickBank offers a wide range of products based around all sorts of topics, one of them being Erase My Back Pain. Clickbank based in Boise, Idaho and is overall a nice place to buy physical and digital goods from that doesn’t have the “corporate behemoth” feel that certain other big online retailers do.

Will Erase My Back Pain Exercises Help You?

So are the Emily Lark back exercises truly a working solution for back pain? Well, predominantly positive customer reviews seem to show that they may be!

However, until you try it yourself, you won’t know if it will work for you! Erase My Back Pain is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so your investment should be safe.

If you or someone you loved is suffering from back pain or sciatica, make sure to check out the Erase My Back Pain system by clicking the button below.

Fight Back Against Back Pain Now! > > >



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